Time to pause

time pause blahs Time to pause

How are you feeling today?

Personally, I kinda feel like going back to bed with a cup of tea and a good book. My energy levels are low. My to-do list is so long, I don’t know where to start. I don’t feel like writing anything uber inspirational. Read more

+ Let’s call it a tiny funk.

I’ve painted my nails. I took myself for a walk with the dogs. Meditated. Finished some projects. Drank coffee. Ate a brownie. And still … the blah-ness is hanging.

a572619ad05b965ad1a9ae34bac207fa Time to pause

These days happen. Without any explanation, these days appear and zap us of feeling joy. It’s the universe telling us to sit back, acknowledge the natural ebb and flow of existence and remind ourselves it’s all okay to slow down the pace. It’s almost the perfect opportunity to pause and reflect.

+ Tomorrow we can change gears and remind ourselves it’s a brand new day.

sig1 Time to pause

Thought of the week #52

thought week 52 Thought of the week #52

Reflecting on a years worth of ‘thoughts’ has been an interesting project. It’s strange in a way to look back on each ‘thought of the week‘ and see what has inspired me, what quotes have lifted both me and you and what connects us to the here and now. 

One thing I know for sure, whether the quotes have made me smile, reflect or pulled a heart string, I know I have extracted something great from each and every one. 

5 Tips on How to Improve Your Day

5 TIPS IMPROVE DAY 5 Tips on How to Improve Your Day

Happy Friday peeps. 

Did you wake up feeling on top of the world this morning or are you just relieved the working week is nearly over? No matter the mood, let’s transform and see if we can improve your day and create a little space for some magic moments.  Read more

Here are my top 5 tips on how to improve your day … 


1 // Music beats. During the day I love to listen to whole albums. At the moment Ben Howard, Tycho, Kite String Tangle and Jess Glynne are on high rotation. I swear to you that I actually groove in my chair when a song I love starts playing. Go get grooving.

2 // Light candles. Scented candles can do all kinds of wonderful things to your mood. They help to relax you, lift you, energise you and create romance. If you’ve ever been a guest in my home, you’ve seen me light a candle to create a relaxed atmosphere. Before I worked from home, I would light a candle the minute I walked in the door. Now I keep a candle lit on my desk most of the day.

3 // Pound the pavement. Whack on those sneakers and just start walking. Breathe in that goddamn fresh air and let it fill your lungs up. Get that pulse rate beating and embrace the delicious endorphins floating around your body. No need to build a sweat up, just move that body of yours. There is a reason exercise is always listed in articles like this: it bloody well works! 

4 // Coffee break. I tells ya, when I’m craving a break, I head to my fav cafe around the corner and actually SIT DOWN and order a coffee. Sitting at an outdoor table, sipping my skim cappuccino and people watching for 10 minutes always lifts the fog in my head. Consider it a 10 minute pause in the day. 

5 // Nourish yourself. Don’t reach for the comfort food! Cook, prepare or order something that is good for you. Green juice, sushi, salad, stir-fry … whatever takes your fancy. It’ll increase your feeling of wellness. Promise! Or maybe you’d prefer to nourish yourself with a bathtub soaking tonight, a candle and a glass of pinot. 


I’d love to hear from you in the comments. What do you do to brighten your day? 

sig1 5 Tips on How to Improve Your Day

The article about my blog, my biz and my snot

newbiz blog snot sneeze The article about my blog, my biz and my snot

Don’t file a Missing Blog Report just yet. I’m still here.


I unexpectedly took some time out from the blog for the most wonderful reason. My new biz is going bang busters and every ounce of creativity and energy is being thrown at the most insane design projects. There is no greater feeling than creating something spectacular for a client and having them share it with their own world crew.  Read more

Yep, people are paying me to play with fonts, colours, graphics, words and html codes! 

[ Don't they know I'd totally work for cookies and hugs? ]

I should also mention that my head is full of snot and mucus. Perfect timing during the busiest week I’ve ever had! I can’t walk anywhere without a tissue shoved up my nose and I’ve developed an acquired taste for echinacea drops. My stomach is also full of food – my appetite when I’m sick is out of control. I’m constantly shoving food in my face and thinking about my next snack. Tell me you also feed your cold? 

Gaining weight and blowing my nose is not on. It’s time to issue an eviction notice to this head cold and get super healthy.

Enough about me! What’s happening in your world? What have I missed? Leave me some love below. 

sig1 The article about my blog, my biz and my snot



A little note about perfection and inspiration

screw A little note about perfection and inspiration

Welcome to your Friday delivery of inspiration. Just had an urge to type the words floating around in my head and who better to share it with than you lot! 

Do you ever shrink down when you see someone living an amazing life? Catch yourself wishing for something similar? Maybe you think they live a perfect life?  Read more

The quest for perfection does not exist.

I repeat. DOES NOT EXIST. 

It’s BS. 

Who says you have to be perfect to live a kick-ass life? Think about the people who inspire you. Supermodels? Athletes? Philanthropist? Writers? Your GYNO? All are wonderfully flawed weirdos who created something out of their ordinary lives. They aren’t saints and yet they inspire certain aspects of ourselves. 

The women who inspire me are not supermodels or celebrities.

. The women who have a vision, have the courage, have the tenacity to try something new that may perhaps improve they’re lives. 

And the ‘thing’ that kills me is, these women aren’t doing it to inspire others. They are trying something new to inspire themselves. My idols are the women who are far too busy to notice the inspirational tornado they are creating around themselves.


When we acknowledge someone’s failures and flaws, we instantly relate to it. We’re human after all and our limitations are set by us and no one else. The resistance and procrastination that you feel day to day … yep, there all set by you! You can make excuses but the reality is we set our own limitations.

Maybe today is the day to stop making excuses and start acknowledging we can be our OWN inspirational idol.


Go on! Live THAT life and get messy. Live with purpose and intention. You never know who you might inspire along the way. 

sig1 A little note about perfection and inspiration