Samantha Wills: Minerals and Mantras


Samantha Wills is just killing it at the moment in the boho jewellery stakes. Her collections are always bold, luxurious and oh-so feminine. Her pieces can take you from the beach to red carpet in a sparkle and the ‘boho earthy spirit’ of the brand is a true reflection of her Aussie roots.  

SW’s latest collection, Minerals Fine, uses raw semi-precious stones which are hand-cut to show off their individual characteristics. The stone is then polished and set in a base of rose gold, sterling silver or 9ct gold.

Each stone promotes an area of your wellbeing.  


Rose Quartz promotes love by restoring self -worth and encouraging healing.

Black Onyx strengthens intuition and encourages grounding.

Turquoise presents friendships and enhances luck. 

View the enter collection here.

I’m also crushing on SW’s Beautiful Mantra’s Collection. If you ask me, mantra’s remind us to be present and live our truth. Repeated over and over and the mantra sound, word or phrase is imbedded in us. The words feed the soul.


I love that SW is using mantras to act as a guiding force, and DAMN they look oh-so pretty to look at. 

View the SW Mantra collection here.

Go on! Gift a mineral or mantra to your bestie, sister or prison guard. Better yet, gift one to yourself. 



Homemade: Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Slice


Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Slice.

Say it slowly. Reaallllllll sloowwwww.

Is your mouth watering? Salivating for a round slice of this utterly decadent dessert?

This is one of the easiest dessert recipes in my collection. Kids love it. Adults love it. It only takes 10 minutes. No baking. No blending. Just whipping and freezing baby.



1 x 375g can condensed milk (I probably only use 3/4 so the mixture isn’t too sweet)
1 x 600ml thickened cream
1 x Arnotts Choc Ripple biscuits



1. Line a shallow slice tray with baking paper.
2. Place a layer of biscuits (10-12 biscuits) on top of the baking paper.
3. Place the thickened cream into a bowl and whip away! Or just cheat and use electric beaters. 
4. Fold through the condensed milk. Place 10-12 biscuits in a ziplock bag and grab a rolling pin. This is my fav bit – smash the biscuits up, let out some anger and add the chocolate pieces to the mixture.
5. Dip your finger into the bowl and have a lick. Delicious!
6. Pour the mixture on top of the biscuits and gently add a final top layer of 10-12 biscuits.
7. Cover in cling wrap and pop it in the freezer to set. 


After a few hours in the freezer (4-6 hours), the ice cream slice will be set and ready to cut and serve. Feel free to be selfish – you don’t have to share your ice cream slice with anybody. Hide it away in the back of the freezer and secretly grab a slice when no body is looking.


* Don’t like chocolate? Grab some Malt biscuits or Milk Coffee.
* Peppermint Crisp, Crunchie and Violet Crumble work well in the mixture instead of Choc Ripple.
* Or skip the chocolate bar pieces and add some frozen raspberries, blueberries & mint to the mixture!
* You can add a few drops of food colouring to enhance the appearance.
* Add less condensed milk if you’re not fond of super sweet desserts.



The next choice is yours. Print the recipe. Bookmark the recipe. Pin-It.

You’re welcome dessert lovers!





Blog-Hearted: The blogging course that changed my life


Reflection is such a powerful tool. I’ve spent the last few days shaking in my boots about the future, feeling the fear about launching my own business and what the future holds for me. Read more

I’ve also spent a great deal of time reflecting on how far this blog has come in 21 months. BY LORDE has this blog transformed and evolved into a bigger and better online space. 

I’ve now seen my life transform and evolve in ways that leave me with self confidence, vibrant, inspired and feeling elated.

And I owe it all to Rachel MacDonald’s online course Bright Eyed and Blog-Hearted


Signing up for the Blog-Hearted online course is one of the boldest moves I’ve made in a long time. The niggle in my stomach, the pull of the universe and desire to connect with others was stronger than ever. 

Carve your space. Hone your vision. Beam it out.

These words. WOW! The words jumped off the screen, grabbed me, shook me and didn’t let me go. I signed up immediately and couldn’t wait to start the pre-course work. 


This online 8 week course is EPIC. I use the word epic because it is EXTRAordinary, grand and takes you on the greatest journey of self discovery. Rach has poured her heart into this course. It’s authentic, action packed and full of unconditional support. 

New bloggers and blogger veterans will benefit from this course. #Blog-Hearted teaches you about your readers, your branding, your mission, how to make money, how to build a wolfpack, how to connect.

Rach takes out the overwhelming feeling blogging can give you and breaks it down into achievable baby steps. 

Each module of the course is beautifully designed and outlined. The course allows you to work at your own pace and you gain instant access to the most heart warming and supportive Facebook group I’ve ever encountered. 


Are you a blogger?

Thinking about starting a blog?

Do you feel the pull and desire to express yourself? 

Finding it impossible to believe YOU CAN DO THIS? 

This is the course for you! You won’t regret it. Whether you blog about travel, health, fashion, food or pizza toppings …. this is the course that will take you to new heights. 


Take the leap and sign up today. Registration for round two is closing soon and it’s unlikely Rach will open the course again to newbies until next year. 

The investment is only $397 and I would happily pay THREE TIMES this amount! That’s how good it is. You gain lifetime access to the course details, membership to the greatest FB bloggers group and the inspiration to shine as bright as possible. 

Join today and start on your vision board before the course beings on Monday 28th July. Remember, you work at your own pace. If your life is busy over the next few weeks/months don’t stress it. You can start working on the modules whenever you are ready. 

Chase your dreams! 






P.S. I am a proud affiliate of the Bright Eyed and Blog-Hearted course and will happily scream it’s praises from the rooftops of Sydney for a lifetime. 

Thought of the week #44


Thought of the week:

“The secret to happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles”

~ William Penn

We all have ‘up’ days. We all have ‘down’ days. And we ALL have blessings in our lives. Read more

Later today, when you’ve tucked yourself in bed, allow yourself to think of three things that happened today and why it made you happy. 

Acknowledge and treasure those three small blessings that made you smile. 


There is light on this dark and tragic day

malaysian airlines dark tragic light

Everyone is waking up to the news that another Malaysian Airlines plane has gone down killing all 295 passengers onboard. Only this time we know the how/where/when’s. 

Read more

A terrorist group launched a surface-to-air missile and targeted a commercial aircraft – Flight MH17. The news reports tell us the plane exploded near the Ukraine and Russian border, sending debris – chairs, passports, toilet paper, bodies – plummeting into the yards and farms below.

And the question I keep asking myself is ‘WHY’. 

Why do human beings hurt and kill other human beings?

What does that achieve? What does killing innocent humans on plane, in war, in their homes, in office buildings, on residential streets achieve? Trust be told, i’m not sure I want to know the answer.

Today is yet, another dark and tragic day. So many human lives were lost. 



And then I read something on Facebook that changed me. It turned all my hurt, heartache and sadness inside out.

Human beings can be caring. Humans can show love. Humans can be giving.

I have a school friend who is currently travelling in Asia for 2.5 weeks. This morning he posted a message on Facebook about a homeless woman who lives 50m from the hotel he is staying in. The homeless woman, aged in her 70′s, cares for 2 younger children who are also homeless. Their home is made of cardboard and plastic tarp and they occupy a sidewalk. The homeless woman begs for money everyday, simply to feed herself and the children aged 5 & 6.  

My friend had walked past this little homeless family a number of times and didn’t know what to do. Yesterday, he walked into a grocery store, grabbed a basket and filled it with bananas, toothbrushes, water bottles, apples and much more. The basket cost him $12 Australian dollars. He walked the groceries back to the homeless family and generously gave them the bag. 

You can only imagine how happy and elated that made the homeless woman, children …. and of course, my friend feel. 

He has vowed to buy them groceries every few days until he leaves the country. 

That is giving. 

The power of giving comes from a selfless act – where you simply give from your heart. It doesn’t have to involve money. There is no motive. There is no return.

You give because you want to give. You want to help. My faith in humanity is restored somewhat after reading about my friends random act of kindness today.

It’s horrifying that we live in a world where humans kill other humans …… but the majority of us are beautiful human beings who want to give, help and serve others. 

I hope today’s post will inspire you to give a little, on this dark and tragic day.


What’s not to love about a man in uniform

This is a sponsored post for


This is your Co-Pilot speaking. Sit back and relax and let me take you above cloud nine.

Most of us have had fantasies about a man (or woman) in uniform at some stage in our lives. The idea stems from those raging inferno firefighter calendars, Grey’s Anatomy doctors saving lives in their magical white coats, Bondi Rescue lifeguards with their gorgeous bodies and sun-kissed tans and let’s not forget Matt Damon in Saving Private Ryan. Army greens have never looked so damn good.  Read more

Let’s be honest here. There is something ridiculously HOT about a man in uniform. A recent survey showed 82% of Aussie’s would consider entering a relationship with a uniform wearer.

Males in scrubs get our hearts beating ladies and what’s not to love about that. Doctors save lives, heal us and nurture us. Doctors use their knowledge and experience to help all of us to live happy, healthy lives. Some work under extreme pressure and crave a hug when they walk into their homes at night. And maybe some of us like to play Doctors and Nurses. Just sayin’. We all know the characters in hit shows Greys Anatomy and Offspring ‘get-it-on’ all the time. 

Paging Dr Lifesaver. You’re required in bay 4 to listen to a beating heart full of love. 

So why do doctors struggle to find long-term love?

Almost a quarter of uniformed professionals have told online dating website that they’ve seen relationships end because of long hours and long distance travel. Ex-partners have struggled with their lovers being gone for long periods of time, being on-call or working around the clock. 

These everyday uniform heroes want to connect with potential partners who appreciate and understand the larger requirements of their job. Someone who is understanding, supportive, caring and loyal. 

Ma’am, there is a fire in your building. Please evacuate so I can risk my life to put out the fire.

I am beyond excited to say that the solution is now here. After eight years of matching people with uniformed singles in the UK, is launching in Australia to provide a unique dating solution for Australian uniformed wearers and those that love them. 

For more information, check out the website and Facebook page. Or download the app and connect with a potential partner today. The dating service connects men and women in uniform with people who appreciate them. 

You won’t find one night stands here my friend, these subscribers are looking for abundant life-long love.


Air your dirty laundry with naughty linen


It’s time to play naughty and nice in the bedroom. Check out these super fun 100% cotton hand screen printed pillowcases.

Perfect gift for your lover, engagement present or any lover of linen. 

Pillowcases are a great way to change the look of your bedroom without spending a lot of money. Keep the doona/duvet simple and add a bit of fun with these cotton pillowcases in your main bedroom. Or add them to your guest room. 

Free shipping in Australia. Bargain price. Dozens of choices. Spoon and Fork gets my pick! 


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