You didn’t think I’d announce my pregnancy and then leave you high and dry with no details, did you?

Heaven help me! This gal can’t keep secrets as big as this. I’ve been busting to tell the WORLD that I’m finally knocked up.

So, let’s not waste another minute. Can we PLOISE talk about this?

So back in March, I started our fifth IVF/ICSI cycle. After what happened last time, I honestly didn’t think I’d consider trying to get pregnant again. I was done. But Mr Lover, my OBGYN and Fertility Dr kept encouraging me and after 2.5 years I finally felt ready to give it another shot.

And I tells ya …. this time round was so different. I can’t put my finger on it but it just flowed and happened with ease. I’d like to think my lifestyle choices and changes had a big impact on my mental and emotional wellbeing. In the past 2 years, Mr Lover and I have moved into a home we adore, we’ve adopted another rescue dog, we’ve quit our jobs, started our own businesses and became our own bosses. Our stress levels are reduced big time. I joined a gym, starting running, gave acupuncture a whirl and meditated every damn day. My desktop wallpaper has images of babies, nurseries, prams and pregnant women. I manifested the shit outta wanting a baby.

Finally it came time to retrieve my plump eggs after injecting myself with hormones for 13 days. We got 8 eggs and 7 of them were mature enough to be fertilised. This was not my best result but I had been manifesting the number #8 so I took it as a good sign.

The next day, our nurse called us with the news that 4 eggs had fertilised overnight and the remaining 3 eggs weren’t successful.

Our plan from here was to allow the 4 embryos to grow for 5 days and then freeze them for a few months. My Fertility Dr had done some research and found the statistics for ectopics pregnancy were lower in frozen embryo transfers.

Woman plans. God laughs, right?

By day 5, we only had 1 embryo left. The rest had arrested and stopped developing. It was devastating. Our plans to freeze our embryos to use later in the year were gone – just like that.

Our one and only embryo wasn’t the greatest quality (it was a compact morula and should have been a blastocyst) and it couldn’t be frozen. So my Dr suggested coming in straight away and transferring it back inside my uterus. Back into the environment where it should thrive a bit better.

So back to the clinic we raced. The scientist prepared our embryo and my Dr said “It looks pretty crummy but it’s your one and only shot”.

Our 'crummy' looking day 5 compact morula embryo

Our ‘crummy’ looking day 5 compact morula embryo

Not the most encouraging words an anxious gal wants to bloody hear.

After my embryo has been transferred back into it’s new oven home, a muscle relaxant was shoved down my throat to relax the contractions in my uterus and make sure the embryo doesn’t move. (My uterus is overactive and likes to move embryos around the place!). Then I started seeing unicorns and loving every person I walked past – whatever drug she gave me made me feel like I was winning at life.

I left the clinic and went straight to an acupuncture appointment to have more needles poked in me.

The next 10 days were a blur. I kept myself busy and distracted and continued to meditate and manifest this baby into life. I talked to my belly constantly – like I already knew I was pregnant.

Four days before my pregnancy test, I was at the petrol station filling up my car and a wave of nausea swept over me. I stopped filling up my tank, paid and left.


The day before my blood test, I woke up at 1230am and 400am needing to pee. I’ve NEVER needed to pee twice in one night. Could this be it? I just had a good feeling. Call it a maternal instinct. It took mountains of courage to open up that pregnancy test hiding underneath my bathroom sink and pee on a stick. I left the bathroom and started tidying up the kitchen. After 3 minutes I was too nervous to walk back in to look at the result. Bat shit scared! Five minutes came and went and I gave myself a pep talk.

The moment I discovered I was knocked up

The moment I discovered I was knocked up

I walked in to find a BIG FAT POSITIVE pregnancy test.

I screamed. I cried. I laughed. My dogs were the first to know. I huddled the furry kids in close and told them they were going to be big brothers.

I kept Mr Lover in the dark for an entire day. I know, so evil of me. I decided to wait for the blood test the following day to confirm the pregnancy before telling anyone. The next day I woke up, raced into the clinic for a blood test and waited patiently for my Dr to call me with the results.

“Brooke, you’re pregnant”.

BEST NEWS EVER. My Dr said my beta hCG levels were great and she couldn’t believe my crummy embryo implanted so nicely.

To Be Continued …..





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