Limiting your own beliefs


Yes, that needs to be said, it needs to bold and it needs to stand tall and hug you all. Thank you from the tip of my toes to the grey hairs sprouting on my head for your continued support, your love and your ability to share The Lover List online. I never expected yesterday’s post about quitting my job to receive such a positive reaction, however I’ll embrace it and cherish it.

Many of you told me that ‘You were green with envy’ // ‘Something I desperately want to do’  // ‘I’m teetering on the edge of doing the exact same thing’ …. and it got me thinking about what holds us back from taking that leap. 

Sure, we live in a world of checklists, goals, resolutions and to-do lists. There are days when the pressure is really heavy.  Year after year, some of us have the same dreams and goals. We roll them over into a new year because time, fear and self-doubt stop us from pursuing it.


What’s happening in your head to stop these goals from being achieved? Your limiting your own beliefs. That’s what’s happening in your head!

I’m going to throw a new statements on the page and see if you nod and agree to any of them.

NOTE: At this stage I skim read over points …. so there’s a small chance you do too. But I hope you can take a small moment to really read and connect with the words.


1. I can’t do it

Your Belief has vacated the building and Self-Doubt has moved into your spare room. It’s only natural for self-doubt to show up, throw around some crappy negative thoughts telling you you can’t do it and disappear again. Her exit leaves you feeling flat and disheartened.

Honey, your goals will not manifest without belief. It’s the one and only ingredient you need to take those first few steps forward.

Realising your goals may say a lot about who you are. Not realising your goals can say just as much, if not more.


2. My life will change

Of course it will! Your life HAS to shift and change and evolve. It’s the only way you can achieve THAT goal. Are you feeling fear about change? Welcome it. Wave ‘howdy’ to it. Acknowledge it. Then kindly ask it to leave because you’ll be fine without it.

Fear always makes way for a better friend I like to call Progress.


3. I’m meant to pursue other goals

Take a real good look at your other goals. Do you align with them? Do they excite you? Is it only a goal because your family or society tells you it is? Hmmmm. Chasing an empty goal you don’t feel strongly about, isn’t worth chasing.

If it doesn’t resonate with you, release it and wave goodbye.


4. My family is priority

Where do you sit in the family hierarchy? Top, middle or bottom? It’s so easy to feel obligated to serve everyone else in our lives and we often put our own needs to the side. Do you make time for yourself? If you don’t, what does that say about how you feel? Make the time – HELL, pull out that diary and schedule the time – to work on you, your goals and YOUR priorities.

Don’t let those goals idle.


5. I’m tied up in other projects

You want to chase those dreams but don’t have the time. I’m calling BS! Subconsciously you’re not making the time. Tie up those loose ends floating in the wind that could untangle all the good work you’ve done so far.

NOW is the time to work on your goals, not other projects.    



Sooooo…. let’s end the post with this:

Everything you’ve been running from holds the key to your freedom


Now’s it’s over to you …… I’d LOVE to hear from you in the comments below with an answer to this:


Thank you dropping by today!






  • Great post yesterday Brooke, I loved it I think it is great that you believe in yourself that you can build a business from your blog, why not, there is no harm in giving it a good go and if you succeed then awesome, but remember there will be times when we fail but that only makes us stronger and fit harder for what we want. All the best and I love reading your posts.

  • I am very familiar with the I cant do it voice – it held me back for such a long time. Until I told her to shut up … just long enough for me to take the plunge xx

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