Little Miss Lover: 16 weeks


Weeks: 16 weeks

Cravings: Chocolate Milk & Oranges

Baby size: Avocado. Approx. 12cm.

Best thing about Pregnancy this week: My boob size. My bosoms are growing before my very eyes. However, they’re growing sideways. Residing under my armpits instead of sitting perky out front!

Thinking about: How Kim Kardashian and I are both knocked up at the same time. I’ll admit I’ve NEVER watched the show but the media keep releasing these amazing pics of her looking well, AH-MAZ-ING, and I’m all like lying on the couch at 2pm every day looking like this.

I sure know how to rock a couch and $20 Cotton On hoodie

I sure know how to rock a couch and $20 Cotton On hoodie

Feeling: Excited, Anxious, Crampy & Constipated

Belly Button: In … but it’s on it’s way out.

What do I miss the most: Sleeping through the night. Eating feta cheese.


I can’t begin to tell you all how much I’m feeling the love you guys are throwing my way. For REALZ! Thank you, each and every one of you, for the lovely comments on the Preggers One and Preggers Two post the other week. Mr Lover was reduced to tears as he read all the gorgeous comments and I was grinning like pregnant lady who got the custard tart.

As you can imagine, I’m feeling equal parts blessed and honoured that I get the chance to be pregnant again. This time making it to 16 weeks. I still have mad moments when I doubt my body – as horrible as it sounds – that my bubble will burst and we’ll lose our girl along the way. Stupid past trauma does that to a person I guess! So I try to bring myself back to the present moment.


Just be. Right here. All is well. My body knows how to nurture my girl and this a beautiful moment & journey to enjoy.

So, are you ready to do this with me? Hang on to your ovaries because I’ll be aiming to run a fortnightly LITTLE MISS LOVER alert post to keep you ladies (and gents!) in the loop. There’s going to be emotion – lots and lots of hormonal anger, joy, fear, elation and nerves.

There will also be pie. Sweet warm apple pie. Let’s do this!

B xx



  • Clare says:

    I love these updates Brooke! I am glad to see that you are rocking pregnancy Brooke O. style, which is just as fab as Kim K. style! xxxxx

  • Catherine says:

    GREAT looking bump (and boobs) Brooke The pregnancy anxiety sucks arse. One day at a time, one milestone at a time. x

    • Cat – can we talk about my nipples soon? Maybe too much info? LOL. Yeah, the anxiety creeps up on me every now and then but I’m pretty good at slapping that bitch down nowadays. Hope you’re well xx

  • Milly says:

    Just came across your blogs…and I love every bit- you’re fantastic fun! Sending lots of white light and love your way for your pregnancy! ⭐️ I am so looking forward to following your journey x (and I fully understand everything you are feeling EDD for me is 27.12.15)

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