Why I write


Twelve months ago I would have been stumped by this question but here’s a few quick answers.

I write for the love of it.

I write to connect to the words.

I write because I CAN!

Writing for me involves a really big dose of brain dumping. My thoughts and words on a screen. Sifting through the shit and filing the thoughts under GOOD, BAD & YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME! 

Sonia from Life Love and Hiccups passed on the blog hop baton to me last week and asked me why I write.

Ready? Let’s dive in.


What am I working on?

Stalking Rachel Zoe and creating world peace. Cool, right?

I NEED A JOB! I need to pay bills. And by bills, I mean I need a new pair of boots. I’m currently working on the blog, chatting to PR peeps about post ideas, contacting lifestyle brands that I want to work with, assisting friends with the set up of their websites and trying to complete my studies.


How does my writing differ from others in its genre?

Because I’m me. Everyone is unique which makes everyone’s writing style different.

My blogging journey so far has been a learning curve. When I read back over my earlier posts from 2012, it doesn’t sound like me but of course it was me so this just proves that writing styles and techniques improve and evolve. I’m comfortable now with dropping an f-bomb and injecting a little humour into a post. 

I type exactly what I’m thinking. It’s my voice. Loud and proud most days. I know some people find my writing funny and others have certainly taken offense. My end goal is to connect with you, make you smile and I hope you feel a bit lighter before you leave the page.


Why do I write?

There’s a certain freedom that comes with writing. This is going to sound so stupidly weird but it’s like taking a swim in an ocean. It’s invigorating, soothing and cleansing to write words on a screen and see what form it takes. 

Mostly, I just like to share. I actually LOVE to share. My over sharing has led me to connect with amazing women (and men) from all over the world. It provides opportunities to learn and expand.

It connects me with weirdo’s looking for sexual intercourse. Gross, right?

My writing has led me to you ….. and that’s the greatest connection of all. My heart swells and my smile shoots sunshine beams when you and I get to chat.


How does my writing process work?

I’m not sure I’ve developed one yet. I just write when I feel like writing.

When the ideas are following, I just write and write. Some posts will see the light of day and others will sit in my drafts and gather dust. It’s rare for me to knock out a post and press publish straight away. My process is to write, hit save and come back to it after a few days to tweak it.

I write on my couch, at the kitchen table, on my lunch break, in bed. Music is ALWAYS playing and somehow it keeps me focused on the task at hand. (Loving Tycho at the moment).

My ideas always seem to hit me at 2am in the morning or when I’m naked in the shower. If someone develops a waterproof notepad, that would be stellar!

The EverNote app is amazing for keeping track of any ideas, photos, brands, contacts & links. It syncs with my computer and iPad so no matter what device I’m sitting down to use, my ideas are just a click away.

And then there are days when inspiration and ideas have vanished. Those days use to be SO scary and I’d file a missing report about my MOJO ……. but I’ve learned to enjoy those peaceful days now.



Choosing 3 more writers to pass this blog baton onto was easy peasy lemon squeezy. These babes are kicking ass in their niche internet corners and deliver the life nuggets we so desperately crave. I encourage you to check out these empowering women and get ready for some sunbeams to shine your way.


Meg – Adventuring Home

Meg O’Sullivan is a Reality Alchemist, yogi-in-training and writer & creator at Adventuring Home. Her mission is to help beautiful women with big, badass dreams discover their inner power and transmute their current reality into one which they truly desire.  She is a lover of all things mystical and mysterious, and believes swearing is the key to self-empowerment and that dancing is the perfect elixir for a depleted soul.


Peta-professional-bio-circleMJ – BumpyRoadToBubba

MJ is a single mumma to Poppy and a forever friend to her furry rescue loves Bella and Beary. MJ’s journey to motherhood is unique; single by chance, mother by choice. Performing random acts of kindness is high on her list and promoting animal rescue & adoption is an issue close to MJ’s heart. She is a vegetarian, loves to cook and enjoys a glass of Pinot and dark chocolate when watching bad TV.



Kim – Healthy Zest

Kim Williams is on a mission to help women discover their zest for life through food, health and connection. She loves to cook, loves to talk and her passion lies in one-on-one wellness coaching, empowering women to put their health and happiness first and foremost. Kim will join the Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food tour in August.





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