Would you do your job for free if time or money weren’t the issue?

My bestie and I were chatting the other day about blog ideas and she suggested a post based on a YouTube video she had watched recently – “How would you spend your life if money was no object”. {Watch the video – very inspiring stuff}.

My bestie also suggested a post about your favourite knickers. You know the old pair of knickers that you’ve worn once a week for the past 10 years because they are stretched and comfy and your loyalty is too strong to throw them out? Yeah, that pair. Love them more than loathe them but let’s keep that knicker post for another day shall we!

Now, where was I?

Life. Career. Money.  Three topics that are all entwined whether we like it or not. We need a career in order to make money so we survive in life, right? Unless you’re Tamara Ecclestone and your billionaire daddy pays for everything!

But what if money was no object?  PAUSE. I’m going to let that question sink in a bit. If money didn’t exist, how would you spend your life? What career would you pursue? Where would you live? Would you have more kids? Maybe you’d live in New York in that loft apartment like you’ve always dreamed about? Or perhaps you’d become a teacher and educate the future generation about the importance of healthy eating and fitness.

Me? I’d become Prime Minister and immediately make it legal for all same-sex couples to marry/adopt/access IVF, I’d severely punish those that harm animals and children and I’d introduce 3 day weekends. Easy!

So I ask you, my lovers, why on earth would you spend your life doing something that you hate, to earn money to continue doing what you hate?


Some of us are working in jobs we dislike and some of us are living lives we dislike. A VIP in my life does just this; dislikes their life and dislikes their job but continually works around the clock to earn money doing something they dislike. The job has negative effects on this person’s health, takes them away from family and the hours make it impossible to have a social life. That’s just CRAZY to me! Where is the ‘living life’ part of that scenario?

Some people can’t accept change and some people find it hard to leap without seeing the safety net first. My VIP needs to throw away that old pair of comfy knickers and embrace a new (life) style. Sure, it’ll be uncomfortable to begin with but the change will be exciting and rewarding in the long run.

Do what you love because you’ll become great at it. The money will follow and your life will be become much happier.

Breathe with purpose. Live with intention. Be creative. Give generously. Be present.


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