7 rules to rock your life

1. Make peace with your past

so it won’t disturb your present. You are not your trauma. You are not your divorce. You are not your abuse. Past experiences do not define you. In essence you define you. Every thought, every motion, every feeling, word or action will define who you are and who you are to become… but nothing is set in stone.


2. What other people think of you

is none of your business. You can’t change it and you certainly can’t control it. What’s important is how YOU feel about yourself.


3. Time heals almost everything.

You just need to trust the process and give it time. Death, lost loves, arguments … it stays with us always but the ache becomes less intense as each day passes.


4. No one is in charge

of your happiness. Except you. It’s your responsibility to wake up each day and choose happiness.


5. Don’t compare your life to others

and don’t judge them. You have no idea what their journey is all about. Our lives are unique and our experiences are individual so be sure to live your own life with passion, purpose and no regrets.


6. Stop thinking too much.

Perhaps that comment you thought was hurtful was infact endearing. It’s good to look at things from different perspectives and angles but over analysing and thinking about it too much will just drain you.


7. Smile.

You don’t own all the problems in the world.


  • Rella says:

    Amazing Brooke, exactly what I needed as I wallow in the misery of ‘poor me’ in the midst of life with a newborn and a crazy toddler and a renovations! I know I should be relishing in the wonderful house and family I have but can only focus on the negatives at the moment, dont worry I am working on it and this post just helped a little bit more! Also a massive congrats, loving following your journey xx

  • Jo says:

    Love this Brooke… thankyou for these sweet and simple reminders dear sister! xx

  • Brooke, thanks so much for these simple little reminders. Just what I need to hear as I begin the climb out of too many months of self pity and feeling like a victim. There is so much power in taking responsibility for our lives and choosing happiness each day! The power is ours, and so it that choice. xx

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