A new home for The Lover List

You may think I’m being quiet this week but let me reassure you!

I’ve never been busier!!!

If you’ve visited The Lover List website in the past week, you would have noticed a new look and feel to the site.  Why? My damn layout got lost in transit last Friday when I moved hosts. So I’ve spent every spare minute this week redesigning a new layout. 

I’m still tinkering away behind the scenes and my next step is to make it mobile viewing friendly, but I’m nearly ready to re-launch this baby! 

Stay tuned gorgeous creatures! 



  • It’s looking great Brooke!!! Love your new photo also xx

  • retrohoney says:

    I hate it when that happens! My last blog got hacked. My crap host said they couldn’t save anything and I lost 4 years of posts and thousands of followers. I was so devastated. I cried and cried. I felt like part of my soul was stolen. I changed host and had to rebuild the blog from scratch. The Lover List will no doubt look amazing when you’re launched 🙂

    • TheLoverList says:

      Are you serious? What is fucking awful! I can’t imagine losing ‘my words’ and never seeing them again. Perhaps I need to start saving my posts to an external drive? Good on you for having the drive to do it all over again.

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