I’m Brooke! That’s me above. Laughing. Modelling. Squinting.

I have no idea how you found me but feel free to bounce around my crazy space of the internet. The site is full of posts that will make you laugh, empower you, inspire you and teach you how to avoid hangovers.

Be prepared to hear a few ‘F-Bombs’, some ‘Hell Yeahs’ and the occasional ‘Is she for reals?

But first, let me get personal !

I'm a stubborn Taurean who over shares. Being frequently inappropriate brings me joy and I find it difficult to spell the word daiquiri. I'm currently having a raging love affair with yoga and I truly believe embracing fear is the only way forward. iTunes makes a killing from me and my intentions to be healthy are some what questionable.

I started this blog in 2012 as a way to keep positive about life. Like everybody else, LIFE loves to pull a rug from under us every now and then. This was my rug pulling moment. Losing my babies was devastating. I had two options after leaving hospital; spiral into depression and scream ‘WHY ME?’ or I could encourage myself to get out of bed and begin a life transformation. I choose the latter and within weeks I had started a yearlong healing process. The result was a total LIFESTYLE UPGRADE from the inside out.

During that healing process, this was a creative space I could visit each day and curate my collections of inspiration, style, home wares, music and visuals. It continually made me motivated and I could slowly feel the happiness ripple through my veins again. If The Lover List could make me this happy, I knew it could make others happy so I decided to throw open the doors and invite wild, adventurous, clever and positive women to join the lover tribe.



Meet my fuzzy rescue kids – Benji the Shoodle and Sonny the Moodle 


I know with every cell of my battered human body that we should all live vibrant, joyful and fulfilled lives. I like digging a little deep, uncovering the things that make us all tick and writing those soul sparking posts that excite and motivate us for more. {Insert sparkles here}.

Just like any online relationship, chemistry is needed! So here’s a little more about me.

+ I’m taken. Happily married to a sports obsessed guy who rocks my world.
+ I’m a pawrent to two rescue pups; Sonny the grey Moodle and Benji the black and white Shoodle.
+ I call Sydney, Australia home sweet home.
+ My body contains mostly pasta and ice cream (and at the moment, I’m carrying a baby girl due in Dec’15)
+ I swear and curse like a fuckin’ sailor.
+ My passion lies in being creative, handbags and bottles of Verdelho shared with girlfriends.
+ I worked in the travel industry for half my life and climbed the corporate ladder. Working in travel enabled me to travel all over the world which is Awesome with a capital A.
+ I quit my corporate job in mid 2014 and decided to start my own biz – a creative design studio that helps bloggers and small businesses amplify their online space. I named her The Lover Lab. Not labia. Lab.

Things you should definitely know!
I hate driving at night. I hate ironing. I hate camping. I HATE that my credit card has a limit.

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:: Professional Bio ::

Brooke Osborne, a.k.a The Lover, is a fun-loving city gal bursting with creativity and enthusiasm for life. Her passion for paws, positivity and pasta has earned her a loyal following on The Lover List with young women all over the world, casting their eyes over her every post. Ms Lover’s mission is to dig deep on topics that some of us dare to talk about, inspire others to take a leap of faith, provide laughter when the world can feel stale and inject a whole lotta love into every day.

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Image credit: Jessie Jane Baker