Adriano Zumbo releases Aussie Day Desserts

Australia Day is just around the corner and my eyes just spotted perhaps the BEST EVER Aussie dessert on Facebook. 

If you live in Australia and happen to drive past an Adriano Zumbo store this weekend, STOP YOUR CAR and buy one of these for me. My taste buds won’t quit after eyeing these delectable and scrumptious desserts.


Magnificent milk bun filled with a Milo chantilly and raspberry jam. You gotta be made of Milo buns…


Pavlova! Passionfruit and vanilla ganache, swirled with a strawberry gel center. Lovingly coated in a fruity meringue dust!



Redskin VS Musk Sticks! A pleasing pink shell filled with a Musk Stick and Redskin ganache.



Golden Gaytime!!!!!!!! SAY NO MORE. I want this one. Can drop to the floor and throw a tantrum?

I want! I want! I want! 



Lamington! Filled with an irresistible lamington ganache.

… and Hubby wants to quit sugar! I don’t think so. I’ll have one of each and live happily ever after.


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