Are YOU your own worst enemy?

It’s exhausting being a woman some days. Do you agree? I can honestly say that I am my own worst enemy and I often find it way too easy to judge myself. A friend recently shared this Huffington Post article (23 Things Every Woman Should Stop Doing) on Facebook and it really struck a chord with me. The pressure we place on ourselves can truly be detrimental to our well-being.

If you have time today, I thoroughly recommend you read the Huffington Post article.

Personally I can’t relate or agree to everything listed in the article, but here are the points that did resonated in me:

1. Apologising all the time. Even if something is not my fault, I apologise for it!

2. Body-snarking — out loud or in your own head. Our bodies are meant to change and adapt as we get older. I’m learning to accept this and stop judging the bits that wobble.

3. Feeling like an impostor when you accomplish something professionally. Hands up if you’ve kept quiet about a promotion, big bonus or any type of career accomplishment. Are we embarrassed or do we just feel unworthy of the recognition? Every success – big or small – is worth celebrating! 


4. Wearing heels every day. Hell no! I learned that lesson a long time ago. My heels constantly needed repairs and it was costing me a small fortune. Nowadays, I wear ballet flats to the office and change into heels. I currently have 11 pairs of heels under my desk! How many do you have?

5. Comparing your real life to someone else’s virtual one. I spend a lot of time browsing the internet. Like A LOT of time. {Note to self: must upgrade data usage}. This means that I’m updated every day on what my friends are doing, saying, partying, reading, living, dating, travelling etc. I’m human. Of course I envy certain friends and family members. But it’s important NOT to make comparisons.

6. Holding on to regrets and guilt. Like most people, I’ve got a few regrets in life. Who doesn’t? But a quick acknowledge of that regret is enough to move on and learn from it.

7. WebMD-ing everything. I love playing the Dr Google game, especially when it comes to fertility. Hubby and I have been trying to conceive for a number of years so every niggle, cramp, headache is a sign that I might be carrying a gremlin.

8. Worrying that your life doesn’t look like Pinterest. Are you serious? This is my biggest problem of all. I have a fantasy wardrobe, fantasy house, fantasy celeb friends …. And I’m married to Ryan Gosling. It’s time to hop off my unicorn and pay Betty Ford a visit.


9. Not taking advantage of your vacation days. When I left my previous job, they paid me out 17 weeks’ worth of annual leave. Crazy, right? But like the Huffington article reports, the staff who take their annual leave are actually happier, healthier and more productive workers! My aim is to use alllllllll 28 days per year now.

10. Setting deadlines for major life events. I think having goals and timelines are good and well, but putting unnecessary pressure on yourself {read more here} is unhealthy. So much of life is meant to be unexpected. Enjoy the uncertainties, reassess if necessary and have fun I say!

Seriously, go and have a read of the article. Be kinder to yourself. Be proud of yourself. Be grateful for what you’ve got. Happy Thursday!sig1


  • Heavenly says:

    God yes, this is so true daaahling! I think the secret to being a woman is to learn contentment. Learn to be happy in the little things and enjoy what you do have, because nothing lasts forever. Also, try to be a bit easier on yourself (though thats easier said than done!), I think as women we always criticise ourselves way too harshly. Awesome post.
    *kisses* H

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