The article about my blog, my biz and my snot


Don’t file a Missing Blog Report just yet. I’m still here.


I unexpectedly took some time out from the blog for the most wonderful reason. My new biz is going bang busters and every ounce of creativity and energy is being thrown at the most insane design projects. There is no greater feeling than creating something spectacular for a client and having them share it with their own world crew. 

Yep, people are paying me to play with fonts, colours, graphics, words and html codes! 

[ Don’t they know I’d totally work for cookies and hugs? ]

I should also mention that my head is full of snot and mucus. Perfect timing during the busiest week I’ve ever had! I can’t walk anywhere without a tissue shoved up my nose and I’ve developed an acquired taste for echinacea drops. My stomach is also full of food – my appetite when I’m sick is out of control. I’m constantly shoving food in my face and thinking about my next snack. Tell me you also feed your cold? 

Gaining weight and blowing my nose is not on. It’s time to issue an eviction notice to this head cold and get super healthy.

Enough about me! What’s happening in your world? What have I missed? Leave me some love below. 





  • Sally (Sillier Than Sally) says:

    Haha nice! Great to hear the business is going gangbusters!
    I personally don’t usually feed my colds, tho I do have a lovely cold at the moment and there are usually balls of tissue shoved up each nose canal…especially as I’m breastfeeding my new little squirt, and he does not like snot being dripped on him at the same time, nor my horrendous startling sniffing.

  • Zahne says:

    Oh Brooke! I do the exact same thing when I’m sick – just eat and eat!! I hope you feel better soon xx

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