Baby, I’m knocked up!

I finally stopped drinking. Don’t be so shocked! The reason why is a miracle.

Around 8 weeks ago, I got the very best birthday gift I could have EVER wished for. I got a knock at the door. Standing there was a stork. Not just any stork. MY STORK. The stork I’ve been searching high and low for, for over 7 years. The stork apologised for his lengthy absence (he lost our address) and announced our IVF cycle was a success and he would be back before Christmas to deliver our baby girl.

The note he left included the following instructions:

  • Consume as much ice cream as you like.
  • Stop drinking champagne.
  • You can no longer dance on tables.
  • Make friends with stretchy pants.


OK, maybe that was just a weird dream I had. HOWEVER, I did receive a call from my Fertility Specialist (FS) congratulating me on a positive pregnancy test and the reassurance my beta hCG levels were within the normal range – this is a big first for me!

That’s right folks. Mr Lover and I are knocked up and expecting our very own special delivery. A screaming snotty delicious daughter to call our own. Mr Lover hasn’t been able to stop smiling since we found out and affectionally calls her ‘his princess’ already.

Heart melting!

No, seriously. I wake up in the middle of the night and he’s softly snoring with a smile on his face!! It’s kinda creepy.


PS – Bubba better arrive earlier so this mumma can suck on a champagne bottle on New Years Eve.



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