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My Tuesday Tunes slipped off the radar but I’m gonna bring it back quickly for those of you who LOVE to hear about new tunes & beats.

Who said Dre has to have the best beats? DJ Bee is in the ‘ouse and delivering some funky ass beats for ya. It’s so good, you’ll think fairies are making love to your ear drums. 


Sydney dance music duo James and Alex are big on the live music scene. Deep Disco House music with some funk thrown in the mix, this pair have a huge amount of talent and I was pretty darn excited to discover their SoundCloud account. I first met James/Jimmy back in 2002 at a Kings Cross nightclub where he was DJing and since then he’s gone on to support Macklemore, Kascade and Dizzee Rascal to name a few. Alex has the vocals of an angel and I just know you are going to love this 66 minute mix of chilled out beats recently created for the Flow Athletic Yoga event, Flow After Dark. 

It’s a great mix for any yoga or chill-out playlist! … and it’s FREE BABY! Just click the download button and drag the music file into your iTunes library.




My gurl Karrie over at Covet Living shared this song with us last week and it’s already been played 36 times in my home office. You’ll want to jump on a plane to Bali, grab a patch of grass at Ku De Ta, order a mojito’s, and listen to this bad boy as the sun sets. 



Have you got any fav songs you want to share with me?

I’m creating a new playlist and would love some recommendations! 


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