Blog-Hearted: The blogging course that changed my life


Reflection is such a powerful tool. I’ve spent the last few days shaking in my boots about the future, feeling the fear about launching my own business and what the future holds for me.

I’ve also spent a great deal of time reflecting on how far this blog has come in 21 months. BY LORDE has this blog transformed and evolved into a bigger and better online space. 

I’ve now seen my life transform and evolve in ways that leave me with self confidence, vibrant, inspired and feeling elated.

And I owe it all to Rachel MacDonald’s online course Bright Eyed and Blog-Hearted


Signing up for the Blog-Hearted online course is one of the boldest moves I’ve made in a long time. The niggle in my stomach, the pull of the universe and desire to connect with others was stronger than ever. 

Carve your space. Hone your vision. Beam it out.

These words. WOW! The words jumped off the screen, grabbed me, shook me and didn’t let me go. I signed up immediately and couldn’t wait to start the pre-course work. 


This online 8 week course is EPIC. I use the word epic because it is EXTRAordinary, grand and takes you on the greatest journey of self discovery. Rach has poured her heart into this course. It’s authentic, action packed and full of unconditional support. 

New bloggers and blogger veterans will benefit from this course. #Blog-Hearted teaches you about your readers, your branding, your mission, how to make money, how to build a wolfpack, how to connect.

Rach takes out the overwhelming feeling blogging can give you and breaks it down into achievable baby steps. 

Each module of the course is beautifully designed and outlined. The course allows you to work at your own pace and you gain instant access to the most heart warming and supportive Facebook group I’ve ever encountered. 


Are you a blogger?

Thinking about starting a blog?

Do you feel the pull and desire to express yourself? 

Finding it impossible to believe YOU CAN DO THIS? 

This is the course for you! You won’t regret it. Whether you blog about travel, health, fashion, food or pizza toppings …. this is the course that will take you to new heights. 


Take the leap and sign up today. Registration for round two is closing soon and it’s unlikely Rach will open the course again to newbies until next year. 

The investment is only $397 and I would happily pay THREE TIMES this amount! That’s how good it is. You gain lifetime access to the course details, membership to the greatest FB bloggers group and the inspiration to shine as bright as possible. 

Join today and start on your vision board before the course beings on Monday 28th July. Remember, you work at your own pace. If your life is busy over the next few weeks/months don’t stress it. You can start working on the modules whenever you are ready. 

Chase your dreams! 






P.S. I am a proud affiliate of the Bright Eyed and Blog-Hearted course and will happily scream it’s praises from the rooftops of Sydney for a lifetime. 

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