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Connection is so important to me. It’s why I’m here after all; to connect with you, share with you and have a giggle with you.

So let’s do this. Let’s connect.

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On email

Contact me! My inbox awaits your love letter, so shoot me an email to brooke @ theloverlist . com. I regularly check my emails and will happily respond to you with a beaming smile and a happy heart.


On interviews

I’m a lover of interviews and forever grateful for the connection to hang out with you, fellow bloggers and your tribe. I guarantee to treat your questions with respect, inject a little humour and beam my love and light to your readers. 

Headshots available on a request basis.


Advertising and submissions

I’m open to advertising and featuring products that relate to my readers. I encourage you to explore the blog first, get a feel for me and my blogging philosophy and what my gorgeous, intelligent and soul-seeking readers love.

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Love, light and mojitos,