Dear Evie

You have officially stolen my time and my heart. I just cannot get enough of your smiles and your constant chit-chatter. Oh yes, you just can’t stop talking. If I’m talking, you’re talking. If I’m singing, you’re singing with me. If I laugh, you’re laughing with me.

It’s the cutest thing in the whole wide world and I just love to waste my hours being with you.

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You and I have turned a corner in recent weeks. The newborn bubble has burst and we’re getting out and about everyday. I’m gaining more confidence in my new role as your Mama and I can see you processing the world around you with more and more curiosity everyday. Let’s just say, there are less tears and more smiles.

You love being on your play mat and stare, smile and giggle at the hanging toys. You’re just days away from reaching up and grasping one of the toys – I just know it! You have also just started to notice your big fuzzy brothers, Sonny and Benji, walking around the house. The pups love to kiss your head and feet – they adore you. Sonny sleeps underneath your bassinet most nights and Benji is always the first to respond to your cries.

pavlik harness

It’s been a big month for you. You were a breech baby – born bum first – and got fitted for a Pavlik harness around 6 weeks of age. The harness is designed to keep your hips wide and legs in a froggy position so the hip socket can develop properly. The first 24 hours were especially hard. We had to explore new ways to breastfeed you, hold you, cuddle you and swaddle you to sleep. Sydney had quite the heatwave this summer so being in the harness was uncomfortable on some days but you just thrived. It never seemed to bother you! Five weeks later, the ultrasound showed a great improvement and the harness came off on the 23rd Feb 2016.

Daddy and I took you to Balmoral Beach for your first dip in the ocean on 28th Feb 2016. You were shocked by the cold water but Daddy splashed about with you for a few more minutes. There were no tears so we think you liked it. Speaking of water, my gosh do you love bath time! Whether it’s kicking your legs in the bath or hopping into the shower with Daddy, you just love it!

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You and I have also made 18 new friends – yay for mothers group! Our first get-together in Crows Nest was hilarious. The sprinkle system came on and 18 women and 18 newborn babies were scrambling to get off the lawn and away from the water – there were shoes, prams, rugs & boobs everywhere. Quite the sight!

What else can I tell you? Let’s talk about sleep. By 9 weeks of age, you were sleeping through the night. Cue a VERY happy mum and dad! You’d sleep for 6-8 hours most nights. By 12 weeks of age, you’d resorted back to waking up every 4-5 hours for a feed and thats what we’re still doing today.

You are such a happy baby and easy to settle. It doesn’t matter who is cuddling you or feeding you, you’re just content hanging out and being entertained. I just wish that time would slow down a little bit. My newborn baby is growing up into an infant too quickly and I want to soak it up a little longer.

I love you so much,

Mama xx



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