Dear Evie,

We have nicknamed you Little Miss Chatterbox. You have discovered your voice and pretty much talk from dawn til dusk. It’s Adorable with a capital A. The emotion you put into your stories has me believing you’ll be an actress one day. Or a singer. Don’t worry, I have loads of videos saved to send to media outlets when you hit it big time.

You have also discovered how to use your hands. The play mat is your favourite place in the whole wide world and you grab, knock and kick the hanging mobiles. There is one particular hanging mobile we call ‘Pussycat’ that you love. You smile, talk and play with it first before paying attention to the others. Those hands of yours also love to grab Sonny and Benji’s ears and tails, my nipples (ouch!) and mummy’s mobile phone. I know I know. My phone is constantly in front of your face taking photos of you so it’s no wonder you want to grab it and put it in your mouth.


The month of March was filled with non-stop family events. You’ve pretty much cuddled everyone and my Lord were you spoiled with more gifts. Apparently babies can’t eat chocolate at easter time (it’s safe to say, I ate your share of the chocolate received) so your GG and Nonna decided to shower you with gifts galore; booties, onesies, blankets, soft toys. Kid, you are all set for winter!


In my last letter I talked about the Pavlik Harness coming off … and we were so SAD to see it be refitted 4 weeks later on the 24th March. Your hip and socket joints are doing great but your left hip is still not coping with any stress or pressure so back into the harness you go. We’ll do anything to avoid casting your legs or surgery so we’re hoping the harness will do it’s job and fix those gorgeous hips of yours so can shake what your mama gave you in years to come.

The harness has actually led you to become famous. Oh yeah baby, you were a page 3 model in the Daily Telegraph newspaper! Not bad, not bad. You see I was a front page newspaper model back in 2002 … and by newspaper model, what I mean is the newspaper printed an awful pic of me (and your Aunt Jessie) in a bikini and grass skirt after I became sick on a Pacific Island cruise.

Back to you, Healthy Hips Australia contacted me just after Easter and asked if a photographer from The Daily Telegraph could come around to the house and take some photos of you in a swaddle. A story was running about correct swaddling techniques after a rise in hip dysplasia cases and of course, a photo of a bubba correctly swaddled was needed. JUST LOOK how adorable you are in the paper!


In the past month you have grown so much. All of those tiny clothes are packed away and I wish I could slow down your growing.

You really are a chilled baby. Everyone comments on how relaxed you are. I’ve learned to keep our mornings free so you can enjoy a big old 2-3 hour sleep after your morning feed. Speaking of sleep, you’re pretty good now. Most nights you sleep from 8pm til 2am, enjoy a quick feed and back to sleep to 6am. There are still some nights you like to wake 2-3 times for a feed but I don’t mind too much. You give the best cuddles in the middle of the night.


I love you,

Mama Bear xx

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