Dear Time


Just stop. Please. Stop it with your ticking. You are noisy and distracting and I want to punch you. Your precious seconds are passing me by too quickly and I need a moment to accept things are evolving. I need time to stop so I can press pause on life and immerse myself in certain projects.

Wait? What? NO! What am I saying?

Hurry the fuck up! {Oops …. swear jar Nance}. What I meant to say was … can you pretty please speed up those ticks? My bestie arrives into Sydney tomorrow and I want to throw my arms around her, embrace her loveliness and cover her face with a thousand kisses.

OK, perhaps I’m frikken confused about what I want. I’m hyperventilating with excitement about projects and my besties arrival.

{Anyone want to slip me a Xanax or two?}

I just want the sweet moments to linger longer and the sweet moments to happen faster. I’m not asking for too much, am I?

Do you ever want time to slow down or hurry up?


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