Foods That Make Us Barf

Facebook is full of interesting stories, ain’t it! Last week I read a status update about someone who couldn’t drink water. WATER! This chicky-babe was receiving counselling about her relationship with water and learning how to drink it. 

Then another story popped up about a friend of mine who hates watermelon. One of the most delicious summer fruits to ever exist. 

Sure, we are all unique and oh-so-spesh. Our taste buds control what we like and don’t like and I recently discovered that our genetics play a big part in this. What our parents dislike eating is often a dislike we have as well. Especially bitter tastes! Almost everyone lacks the ability to detect at least one scent, meaning the chemical that gives blue cheese that gross odour might repulse you or delight you. Or maybe you’re among the 25% of peeps that can’t smell it at all. Lucky bitches! 

You can pass me a box of tissues if I rock up to a picnic and there is mayonnaise in the potato salad. Oh yeah! Ten outta ten cry factor. My taste buds despise mayo! 

So it got me thinking about foods (and drinks) we can’t stand. I’m talking the thought of seeing it or smelling it repulses you into oblivion. I asked some of you on Facebook about foods you hate and the responses were … well, entertaining!

Celery – every salad needs celery

Beetroot – HATE IT! 

Liver – HATE IT! 

Goats cheese – my favourite cheese 

Mushrooms – Hated them as a kid but love them now

Jaegermeister – JaegerBomb anyone? 

Vegemite – BIGGEST HATE OF ALL!!! 

Yogurt – HATE IT! 

Capsicum – my pizza ain’t complete without this baby on top of it 

So, what other foods do I love to hate? These make me gag; Peanut Butter, Tomato Sauce (ketchup), Oysters, smelly Cheese & Yogurt 

I wished I liked YOGURT! But the smell, oh that smell. I’d rather stick a syringe of tomato sauce in my eye than smell yogurt. 

Over to you ….. what foods are you grossed out by? 



  • Eggs for me! I wish I could eat them but the smell of sulphur makes me dry wretch!

  • Zahne says:

    Hahaha! Love it Brooke!!! Tomato sauce & peanut butter – wa wa wee wa! Mine is just offal – any kind of offal. I tried a chicken heart recently and I just couldn’t get past the fact that it was the thing that used to keep a chicken alive. Oh, and baby octopus that still look like baby octopus 🙁

  • Kris says:

    You are HILARIOUS. I can’t stand squash. Vom. Blerk. I’m struggling with zucchini, but sometimes I can make it work. I adore blue cheese though, the smell, the tang, the everything. Aren’t we all a weird bunch x

  • Catherine says:

    liquorice – cannot stand the stuff, can’t choke it down. At our local canadian grocery store there was recently a huge promo of Australian liquorice, I was soooo disappointed that the one Australian product they stocked I HATE WITH A PASSION. almost bought some anyway out of misguided patriotism 😉

  • Bridget says:

    New “lover” here: you’re blog is awesome! I hate the yolk of eggs and avocado. It’s completely random because I can eat scrambled eggs (if they are blended to one consistent color) and my Mama’s egg salad but otherwise I run the other way. Someone sticks toast in a runny egg yolk and … I can’t even.

    I’m the same with avocado. I always think I want guacamole mixed fresh at my table. I can eat it for about 5 mins and then I’m nauseous. Something about the texture…

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