Friday Fun Facts about me


Let’s have some fun today.

I’ll share a bit about me …… if you share a bit about you. 


I’m blind in one eye. My kindergarten teacher discovered a slight problem when I was 5 years old and sent me home with a note to advise my parents I should visit an optometrist. Over the years my sight has deteriorated and I’m now legally blind.


I cheat. When I take the eye test for my drivers license, I peek through my fingers. It’s cheating and oh so naughty but I’m a risk taker.


I’ve had my hair permed three times. Not in the last 20 years though. I’ve always wanted curly hair.


I’ve travelled to 16 countries. Italy has been my favourite country and New York my favourite city. Vietnam is a close 2nd place. The countries visited are Indonesia x 2, Fiji, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, USA x 2, Canada, New Zealand, Thailand x 4, Cambodia, England, Spain, Singapore, Austria and Germany. There are so many more countries on my bucket list.


I started working in the tourism industry when I was 17 years old. I wanted so badly to be a flight attendant but an offer to work in a travel agency was too good to pass up. I loved the idea of booking dream holidays for people!


I never went to university. Shock. Horror.


I’m a big fan of Uber. I try not to take taxis anymore and rely on my Uber app to book a car instead. It’s a small increase in price but so worth it. The driver sends me his details before arriving, there is no exchange of money and I get to rate the experience at the end of the trip.


I’m a romantic. I love surprising Mr Lover with dinners, gifts and trips away. I even proposed marriage to him. Lucky for me he accepted.


I’m a house party fan. Throw a dinner party or BBQ and I’m there. There is something magical about friends gathering around a table filled with great food and wine.


I lived on Sydney’s Northern Beaches for 4 years. Mr Lover and I expected to raise our family and live a coastal bohemian lifestyle. It wasn’t meant to be. We sold our home for a variety of reasons; we needed to fund another IVF cycle, we wanted to be closer to our family & friends, we wanted to commute less to our jobs.

I use to be a massive fan of Mariah Carey. From the moment I heard ‘Vision of love’ I was hooked. There is a box in my attic filled with scrap books, video’s and CD’s dedicated to MC.


I have 4 tattoos. Three of them hold seriously beautiful meanings and other one is a fucking flower. So stupid. I was drunk.


I nearly missed a flight from LAX-AKL because I was drunk in a bar and couldn’t find my luggage.


I own 54 dresses. Is that normal?


My bestie and I have the strongest bond I know of. More like sisters and we talk everyday. I want to build a secret tunnel connecting my home in Sydney to her home in Melbourne.


I support the West Tigers. Always have. Always will. Huge NRL fan! I even named my dog after Benji Marshall.


I’ve ordered the same food from McDonald’s for 30 years. Chicken nuggets, small fries and a chocolate shake. Mr Lover is disgusted that I open up my choc shake and dip my nuggets and chips in.


I’m terrible at remembering people’s names. No seriously. It’s fucking embarrassing sometimes. I often get friends to introduce themselves because my memory lapses.


When I yawn, my throat makes a funny noise. It’s a squeaky high pitch. My hubby laughs at the noise all the time. 


>>>> I’d love to know a little more about you so tell me something fun about you in the comments, or if you blog, leave a link to your post <<<<








  • Stixy x says:

    I wanted to be the next Sheryl Crow when i was younger, I owned a guitar for 8 years before i ever had a lesson…

  • Oh try GoCatch if you like Uber! Does the exact same thing (pay via the app, stalk as they approach, feedback) but for taxis! Also the nugget shake thing is just weird! haha

    Random fact for me: I’m the only person in my family that’s currently alive with green eyes. Yep I’m either adopted or a mutant. Probably both!

    • TheLoverList says:

      Madeleine – don’t knock the nugget dipping trick until you’ve tried it. Chicken, milk and chocolate were made for each other. And the eye thing …. my brothers and I ALL have different eye colours; brown, blue and hazel.

  • Barry O'Malley says:

    Strewth, you’re kidding me right? I could have written that about myself, well mostly, okay I can see out of both eyes, but I am coloured blind, and yes fair enough there isn’t a snow chance in hell of me ever being pregnant, but I’ve been f@cked over so many times it’s a wonder I haven’t been… But I did have my hair permed once, a long story…

    I paddle at Narrabeen on the northern beaches, and even now I can’t remember your name…Nancy?

    Strewth, I’ve got more ink than a flamin’ squid, admittedly, I’ve only one dress, but it is a nice little number… Mariah, you sure you married the right bloke? 😉

    Enjoy your weekend, Baz, The Landy…

  • What a wonderful insight for me, who has just found your blog. i had my hair permed when I was in high school, oh boy, how silly was I. V x

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