A Funny Thing Happened Yesterday


Every now and then, I get a smell that immediately triggers a vivid memory. Mostly childhood memories that make you smile like an idiot as you remember that exact moment.

The smell of rain on a hot summers day.

A musk perfume my aunt would wear at Christmas time.

Coconut oil reminds me of beach days with girlfriends.

Vinegar reminds me of eating fish & chips with my brothers.

Lavender reminds me of my Grandmother.

Vicks vapour rub reminds of a time I had laryngitis. 

Turns out, the ability to smell is highly linked to memory. Most of us must remember when we have smelled it before and then connect it to a vision or memory that occurred at the same time before.

I was strolling through Priceline yesterday and caught a scent. A musky scent. Memories of being a teenager and changing into sports gear before P.E. class came flooding back. Grinning like an idiot, I picked up the can and inhaled my youth. I remember grabbing my musk Impulse Fragrance can and spraying it all over before tying up my shoelaces and hitting the sports field.

Come to think of it, I must have owned every Impulse Fragrance can every released! I bet you did too. 

It’s funny how most of these memories are childhood related but I guess that’s when we smell something for the first time and lock it into that exact memory. 

What smells trigger childhood memories for you? 



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