Give thanks … to my landlord

Dear recent cold and period

Sometimes it’s impossible to find the light at the end of the tunnel. We feel like the big bad world is against us and life as we know it falls into a rut.

In other words, shit happens. (How very lady-like of me!)

I believe the only way to race towards the end of the dark tunnel is to give gratitude and say thank you. But thank you for what?

Thank you rain for wetting my hair? Thank you Energy Australia for billing me a ridiculous amount? Thank you big boss for the extra work I don’t need?

Leah Dietrich from the US, created the great blog thxthxthx several years ago. Leah regularly writes a thank you note to something or someone in her life as an exercise of daily gratitude. Her thank you notes are hand written, just as her mum instructed her from an early age.

I  hope you’ll find them funny, odd and comforting. Here is an example from her blog this week…

Dear Corn on the cob

Dear boy

Dear recent cold and period

Dear tote bag

Dear Pot of coffee

Leah also has a book on sale – great gift idea with Christmas only 5 weeks away.

So here goes my thank you note for the day:

Dear Landlord

Thank you selling the house I live in. Your decision scared me at first, but I’m sure hubby and I will find an amazing house shortly to move into – one that has bathtub!

Cheers, Brooke

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