With Heavy Hearts We Say Goodbye


I woke up at 3.34am this morning feeling hot and uncomfortable. Bed sheets tangled, dogs snoring softly and then it hit me. 

The hostages at Martin Place. 

Had the siege ended? Was it peaceful? Like most of you, I grabbed my phone and checked the news. 

The mad gunman, who held 17 people hostage for more than 16 hours had been killed. A hostage was also confirmed dead, another critical. The siege, less than 10 minutes from where I live had finally ended. 

Innocent people going about their day, grabbing a coffee before heading into their offices, were caught up in this horror. And some dickhead with a vengeance thinks he has the right to terrify these good people and place fear in our nation. It makes me so fucking mad.

I couldn’t sleep so I crept out of bed and watched the news coverage for 3 solid hours. Another person is confirmed dead. Hostages running from the cafe into the safety of our policemen and women. None of this makes sense to me. I’m so lost in all the information and my brain hurts from absorbing the horrid information about this crazy man. 

Why was he allowed to roam our beautiful country with a police record filled with disgusting crimes? 

Before I disappear into my day, I wanted to leave you with a quote I read on Facebook a few minutes ago. A touching poem by the very talented songbird Emma Birdsall:

DAWN// With heavy hearts we say goodbye,
Two innocent souls lost in the night.
A nation in mourning; the injustice, it pains,
But tears and terror will be not what reigns.
With dawn came resolve, heartache too,
Blood shed for nothing but the hatred of few.
The day feels dark though the light is here,
But we refuse to be silenced and to live in fear.
Our country so beautiful, free and diverse,
Accepting, honest and harmonious first.
One coward attempted to bring us undone,
But we stand strong together as many, as one.
We lift up our voices, united in peace,
To say we will love until the battle does cease.

~ Emma Birdsall 

Embrace your community today, especially our Muslim community, and beam as much love and light to those caught up in this mess.


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