What the hell is a breakfast muggin?

Ever slept through your alarm? Woke up late? Rushing around to get ready and out the door? At this point, breakfast isn’t an option as you race around getting ready for work. 

Do I have a super simple express breakfast option for you!! 

A muggin. Not muffin. A muggin. 

You’re probably asking “What the HELL is a muggin?”. 

The gorgeous and very talented Sarah Wilson introduced me to the humble muggin last year. Muffin-in-a-mug. It’s kind of like a mini omelette and is so quick and easy! Let me explain. 


How to make a muggin

Crack two eggs into a microwave safe mug/cup. Quick whisk with a fork. Now it’s time to add some flavour. Get creative! I love to add chopped cherry tomatoes, ham, cheese, salt & pepper. Pop a vented lid on and zapp it for 2 minutes in the microwave. It’s the perfect muffin topping or do what I do and just eat it straight out of the mug. It keeps me full until lunchtime. 

You could try red onion, chopped chorizo, kale, spinach, bacon, peas, corn …… whatever takes your fancy honey! 

TIP: Rushed in the mornings? Make this the night before. Add your ingredients to the mug and leave it in the fridge overnight. Then all you have to do the following morning is add the cracked eggs! Breakfast is ready in 2 minutes. Easy peasy Japanesey. 








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