Hello 2015

Is it just me or did 2014 disappear before our eyes?

I’m not one to make new year resolutions. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m more of an ‘intention setting’ kinda gal. So when I received a beautiful Missoni notebook from Mr Lover on Xmas Day, I quickly started scribbling things down like my word for 2015, my intentions for 2015 and best of all blog post ideas to make you twist and shout.

I’m not gonna lie. I also scribbled down useless intentions like ‘run a marathon‘ and ‘world peace‘ and ‘drink less wine‘. Like I said. Useless.

You all know that I’m an over-sharer so I’m keeping my intentions simplified this year. My intentions are achievable, practical and most of all hugely beneficial to my overall wellbeing.

1. Re-design The Lover List website!

Kinks and creases annoy me so now that I’m a web designer, I gave my baby blog a little nip & tuck over the new year. Ain’t see pretty?! And the best thing is I can already place a big √ next to this intention.

2. Join a Fun Run!

The Blackmore’s Bridge Run is 20SEP so I have 8-9 months to start training for it. It’s a 9km run and I can’t even run a 1km yet. This one is gonna hurt but I’m going to do it.

3. Open an online shop!

This idea has been floating around in my head for years so I’m going to pull my finger out and launch an online shop this year – selling art prints and other creative paraphernalia.

4. Road trip!

I am the most un-spontaneous person you’ll ever met. Everything has to be organised and diarised. It’s how I operate. But I have a desire to jump in my car with Mr Lover and the fur-kids and just drive up the coast for a weekend away. Beach. Water. Mojito. Sun. Surf. Nana Naps. More mojitos.

5. Get my collaboration on!

I’ve seen/read/watched some wonderful collaborations last year and I want in. Friends writing books together. Colleagues creating products. Families launching joint businesses. Collaborating with someone who shares my same passion would be ace in my face.

What about you?

Any grand plans for 2015?


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