How to Move On: Stop Thinking About Your Ex You Still Love

How to Move On: Stop Thinking About Your Ex You Still Love

Moving on from a past relationship can be tough, especially when you still have strong emotions for your ex. It feels impossible to stop thinking about them, and every memory you shared remains ingrained in your mind. However, moving on is essential for your well-being and growth. It’s time to let go and focus on a brighter future. In this article, I want to share some tips and tricks on how to move on and stop thinking about your ex whom you still love. As someone who has gone through this myself, I know firsthand how hard it can be in the beginning, but trust me, it will get easier. So, grab a cup of tea, and let’s get started.

How do you stop thinking about an ex you still love?

If you’re struggling to get over an ex that you still love, know that you’re not alone. There is no magic cure to stop thinking about an ex, but there are some things you can do to ease the pain and move on. Here’s what to do:

  • Block them on social media: You need to cut off all contact with your ex, at least for a while, to give yourself some space and time to heal. That means deleting them from all of your social media accounts and resisting the urge to stalk them online.
  • Mine some collective memories: Instead of only thinking about the good times you had together, try to remember why you broke up. Focus on the negative memories and the reasons behind the split to remind yourself why you need to move on.
  • Separate you and your ex in your head: It’s easy to idealise a past relationship, but the reality is usually much more complicated. Stop thinking of yourself as part of a couple and start seeing yourself as an individual again.
  • Consider counselling: If you’re struggling to move on, consider talking to a professional who can help you work through your feelings and come up with a plan to move forward. Counselling can also give you a safe space to express your emotions and help you deal with any lingering pain.
  • Remember, healing takes time. Be gentle with yourself and don’t beat yourself up if you’re not over your ex as quickly as you’d like. By following these steps, you’ll be on your way to healing, finding peace, and moving on.

    ???? Pro Tips:

    1. Take a break from social media: Seeing pictures of your ex and their activity on social media will only worsen your thoughts. Take a break from social media to stop obsessing.

    2. Keep yourself occupied: Engage in activities that will keep you occupied and your mind off your ex. Try learning a new skill, reading a book, or hanging out with friends.

    3. Write down your thoughts: Writing down your thoughts in a journal or notebook could be therapeutic. It will help you to get your thoughts out and process them in a healthier way.

    4. Seek closure: It can be hard to stop thinking about your ex when you haven’t had closure. Seeking closure will help you to move on and start the healing process.

    5. Talk to a professional: Sometimes, the best thing to do is to seek professional help. Talking to a therapist or counselor can help you to work through your feelings and provide you with tools to move forward.

    How to Stop Thinking About Your Ex You Still Love

    The Challenge of Letting Go

    Breaking up with someone you still love can be a challenging experience. Even after parting ways, many people tend to hold on to past memories and continue thinking about their ex. This becomes particularly difficult when the other person is constantly showing up in your social media feeds or when they are still a significant part of your daily routine. In order to move on from a breakup, it is essential to let go of the past and create space for new experiences. With a little effort and patience, you can learn to move on and start rebuilding your life.

    The Benefits of Blocking on Social Media

    One of the best things you can do to help yourself move on from an ex-partner is to block them from all your social media platforms. This does not mean that you are angry or spiteful towards them; rather, it is a healthy boundary that you need to set for yourself. Blocking them will prevent you from seeing their pictures or posts, which can trigger unwanted memories and emotions. It will also help you stop stalking their pages, which only leads to more pain and hurt. Instead, focus on investing time and energy in new relationships or hobbies that interest you.

    Breaking the Habit of Romanticizing the Past

    When remembering a past relationship, it is natural to only think of the good times and romanticize the past. However, this is detrimental to moving on from the relationship. To break this habit, try visualizing the not-so-good times and remind yourself why you chose to end the relationship. Change the narrative in your head, and start focusing on the future instead of the past. It takes time, but gradually, you’ll find yourself moving on.

    Key Point: Romanticizing the past only prolongs the healing process.

    Recalling Shared Experiences to Move On

    Although reminiscing about the past can be harmful, there is a healthy way to remember your past: recalling shared experiences. These are situations and moments that happened between you and your ex that you will always cherish. However, these moments need to be viewed objectively, analyzing what they represent as lessons that you learned. Recognizing what went wrong and where things fell apart can give you the necessary closure to move forward. Remember, it’s not about forgetting the past, but revisiting it in a constructive way.

    Key Point: Recall the lessons learned from past experiences, not only the memories.

    Creating Healthy Distance Between You and Your Ex

    To appropriately heal from a break up, you need to create boundaries that ensure your emotional and mental health. Remove them from your speed dial, block them on social media and try to keep their presence in your life as minimal as possible. This does not mean you have to erase them entirely from your life, but you need to establish limits that allow you to heal and maintain your well-being. Create space for yourself, distance yourself, and start focusing on your needs.

    Key Point: Create boundaries that allow you to heal and protect your mental and emotional well-being.

    The Potential of Counselling in Healing Heartbreak

    When all else fails, and you are still struggling to let go, seek out a professional counselor that can help you through the healing process. The process of healing can be different for everyone. A counselor can provide you with the right tools to help you work through your emotional and mental pain. With the guidance of a certified therapist, you can develop coping skills and affirmations to let go of those unwanted memories. They can also provide a new lens to view the breakup and consider it from a different perspective.

    Key Point: Seek professional help if you are finding it difficult to move on.


    In conclusion, it is essential to let go of past relationships and create space in your life for new opportunities. Breaking up with someone is always hard, but it is a necessary process that allows you to heal and grow emotionally. It is okay to have memories of a past relationship, but remembering from a constructive and mindful way aids in the process rather than hurts it. Remember to create boundaries and focus on your needs, as you deserve happiness after moving on from an ex.


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