How to survive an IVF cycle

IVF cycles are a walk in the park.

Said no woman ever.

There is nothing remotely sexy or intriguing about poked, prodded, injected, inspected, operated, penetrated & scanned in places you don’t want to know about.

There is nothing awesome about consuming an unnatural amount of fluid, walking into an IVF clinic, dropping your dacks and spreading your legs for a sonographer.

There is no excitement about a sonographer rolling a giant condom onto an ultrasound probe (aka. didlo camera) and covering it in lub.

There is definitely nothing fun about injecting yourself with IVF baby making juices twice a day for two weeks.

Mr Lover and I have been trying to make our own mini tribe members for a while now. We started in March 2008 so that’s 7 years and 1 month. But’s seriously, who’s counting.

Last month I started another IVF cycle – my first cycle since my last pregnancy ruptured in 2012. It’s been my most painful cycle yet. I’m not sure if this is because of my age, new drugs or the constant thoughts ‘I’m mental for doing this again’ floating around my small head space.

Shit got so real the other week – big meltdown – and I’m now on valium to help me chill the fuck out.

Many of you know about my latest IVF cycle from my Facebook or Instagram posts. The messages of support, love, wishes has been overwhelming. Some of you are already parents and some of you are trying as hard as I am to become a parent.

For any of you doing IVF – now or in the future – I want to share some of my tips for surviving an IVF cycle:

Drink wine

I kid you not. Open a bottle of your fav vino and pour yourself a glass. Wine will not and cannot interfere with your body’s ability to conceive and get pregnant. At least not in the first 4 weeks. So if wine is your regular coping juice, go nuts and enjoy that grape juice.


Don’t watch any drama shows. REPEAT. Do not watch any movie or TV show that has the potential to spill those tears down your face. Instead, focus on comedy. Better yet, see a comedy show. Or surround yourself with the super funny hilarious peeps in your life. Laughter is the best medicine.

Ice a spoon

Injections hurt man. Some of the needles are fine and some are the size of a McDonalds straw. My trick has always been to keep a spoon in the freezer. When I’m ready to inject my baby making juices into my system, I pull the icy spoon out of my freezer, place it on my stomach for 10 seconds, swab the spot with alcohol and jab the needle into my skin. The skin is numb enough to barely feel the needle break the skin. I’m a genius right?!

Try using a mantra

A hippy I am not. My armpits prefer to be hairless. However I did enjoy writing down a new mantra each day and using it during my 10 minute meditation sess.

I welcome my time to be a parent.

I allow my creative energies to work through me and bring me a healthy pregnancy and baby.

I deserve the best outcome and with joy I am thankful of a new life.

I allow and receive all that I deserve with GRACE and EASE. 


More needles? Seriously? Yep. Do it. This time I decided to stick more needles into my body and I  loved it. I found a fertility acupuncturist nearby and connected with her immediately. I loved that she studied my 7 year history in detail and asked me a million questions. It felt great to be heard and understood. Anywoo, the needles don’t hurt one bit and I loved the 30min of relaxation it gave me. Treatment is focused on improving ovarian function, strengthening the immune system, reducing stress, regulating hormones, relaxing the uterus, maintaining implantation, nourishing embryo growth and preventing uterine contractions.

iVitro app

This is a great little app to record all of your IVF data; medications, appointments, results, events, operations. I have all of my IVF cycle data recorded on this app and find it so helpful to email my cycle report to a Dr at a moment’s notice.


Support comes in many forms; family, friends, counsellors, ice cream containers. Take your pick and choose wisely. Talking to a trusted human about your thoughts and feelings is going to make the process way easier. Don’t bottle it up and keep private about the cycle. Talk. Talk. Talk. It’s so hard to remain positive about outcomes but getting the negative stuff outta your head and out into the open will benefit you ’cause now you can fill that empty head space with positive stuff and feel better.

Honey, if you’ve ever been through an IVF cycle, what tips and tricks have you got for women reading this post?

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