I broke up with my Beautician

broke up beautician

I recently broke up with my Beautician. It was a painful & difficult decision but after looking at the pros and cons, it was time to sever the relationship and search for someone else to expose my pink bits too.

As any woman knows, finding a trusted Beautician is no easy task! However in 2001 I got extremely lucky. 

My flatmate/bestie introduced me to her Beautician – we’ll call her Tatiana in this story – and let’s just say fireworks were released into the night sky. There was chemistry, banter, laughter and Oprah-style life advice offered. During our fortnightly appointments, Tatiana and I discussed the dramas in our lives and solved the problems of the world. We high fived and celebrated the good stuff and offered a hug when bad stuff happened.

I have stripped off my knickers for Tatiana more times than I’d like to count. Her ability to chat and laugh with you whilst you’re spread eagled on a table is a gift. My eyebrows were handled with expert hands and I adored our visits.

We took a short break from 2008-2012. Mr Lover and I had moved away and for the first few months I continued to drive the 45min distance to see Tatiana twice a month. Eventually I had to end it. The commute became too much. There were tears and hugs and the promise to stay in touch.

In 2012, I moved back to the area again and made an appointment to see Tatiana again. I walked into her Salon and was greeted with open arms. It was like time had stood still for us and our relationship took off at lightening speed.


Something shifted this year. Lots of little things started to happen and it eventually built up into something so big that made the decision to walk away from her.

  • It was not uncommon to be left waiting for 40 minutes before getting waxed.
  • The waxing prices were ridiculously expensive.
  • A quick 5 minute eyebrow wax would turn into a 30 minute chat fest – and it was all about her!
  • Tatiana’s convinced she’ll be harmed (or possibly killed) in her salon one day by her psycho partner.


The last point is crazy, right? Our last 3 or 4 appointments together were lengthy and I always walked away from her salon feeling scared. Tatiana was filled with fear and talked non-stop about how her partner is trying to take all of her money, close her business and wants to kill her. Some of the comments she made included him hiring a hit-man, setting fire to the salon and poisoning her.

I kid you not! 

Multiple times I’ve tried convincing her to talk to the police. Move out of the martial home and seek refuge with a friend. Involve her adult sons so they know how evil their father is. I urged her. I encouraged her to take action. Do something! Don’t just sit there and do nothing.

The last appointment we had together was 4 weeks ago. I was mid wax with my leg in the air when Tatiana started talking about the possibility of her partner walking through the front doors of her salon one day and killing her. All I could think about was getting the hell outta there but I couldn’t.

Lying on the table with wax around my butt hole, I silently made the decision, there and then, that I wouldn’t be coming back. This was the last time I’d be seeing Tatiana.


I fear for Tatiana’s safety every day. Her situation was so obscure and never involved any kind of domestic violence that I know her. I often wonder if she called the hotlines I talked about and seeked help but the girl had accepted that this was her life and living in fear everyday was her new normal.

For me though, I didn’t want to be scared walking into my beautician appointment. I paid the waxing bill, gave her a extra hug and walked out the salon doors forever.

I’ve found a temporary Beautician to use for the moment. The appointments run on time, are extremely quick and cheap! But I do miss the lovely connection, chats and bond Tatiana and I shared.


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