The importance of feeding your soul


This week has been slow for me – business wise. Some of my projects are on pause, some are nearly ready to start and the rest are completed. This is the first time in 8 weeks that I’ve had spare time so I need to use it wisely dammit!

Yesterday I booked some flights around the USA (my brother is getting married in Vegas) and decided to re-design my biz website The Lover Lab

(Don’t ask! I hated how quickly I designed the last website so I redesigned it last night). 

With some spare time up my sleeve today (seriously, WTF does that saying even mean!), I decided to get out of the house and work from my favourite cafe for a few hours. Skim cappuccino, my headphones and a laptop. Three of my favourite things. Am I sounding like a wanker yet?

Today is going to be all about nourishing and feeding my soul.

This one small change in my day-to-day routine will reap huge benefits for me. Yep, a trip out of the house and heading to a cafe is life altering stuff. Ha! My mind will benefit from the change of scenery, my body gets to move and breathe in fresh air and my spirit will be motivated. 

Morning routines are so important. You’ve heard it countless times I’m sure. It improves your mood, your productivity, the way you react to situations and basically sets the tone for your entire day. I’m a Taurus and thrive on routine but I’m shaking things up today. 

Why? To feel good. To expand and grow. To transform my life.

Sure that sounds like something a life coach might say, but the truth is our own well-being lies in our hands. It’s our responsibility to shake things up and be a bad-ass ninja every now and then and try a new routine.

The cafe chick is looking at me weird. Maybe singing in cafe to a Ben Howard track is a no-no? 




  • Jess says:

    I’ve changed just one small thing in my day and its made a huge impact for me, although mine’s at the end of my day.
    Instead of being on the computer or using social media right up until I shut my eyes for bed, I read a book for half an hour, even if its on my iPad. It lets me switch off and really just detatch from the day I’ve just had.

    • TheLoverList says:

      Jess, that’s the perfect way to unwind. Your body isn’t stimulated by technology. It’s unwinding and relaxing and getting you ready for rest. Good on you for making the change. B xx

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