Is this what they call ‘Nesting’?

Nesting. The uncontrollable urge to organise your home, clean the house and prepare a nest for the new baby.

It’s hit me. Hit me hard.

My whole world is organised to within a inch of it’s life. Furniture has been sold, car upgraded, my wardrobe guttered, linen sorted, rooms re-arranged. If I haven’t worn it or used it within the last year, the item now lives in a storage bag and vacuum sealed shut.


It’s a primal instinct. You wake up and suddenly decide to wash and scrub every inch of your home. If I’m not working, eating or sleeping, I’m a brooding hen.

So far my irrational behaviour has involved donating bags and bags of my pre-pregnancy clothes – clothes I’ll be needing again once bub is born. My wardrobe looks immaculate and neat, however expect to see me wearing baggy maternity clothes for most of 2016. I’ve thrown out perfectly good doona covers, sheets and towels and made way for ‘brand spanking’ new sets. I’ve sorted and resorted the baby’s clothes at least 623 times. Taking them out, re-folding them. Over and over again. I sold a perfectly good car and purchased a brand new car. I sold a perfectly good wingback chair and purchased a glider chair. I sold a perfectly good wardrobe and purchased another wardrobe.



Don’t even get me started on the super woman strength I’ve developed. Maybe I’m eating too much spinach ’cause my ability to move heavy furniture whilst 7 months pregnant is nothing short of extra-ordinary and extra-stupid.

I often start clearing things and sit back and think “SHIT, what have I started”. Then the burst of energy hits and I’m done. Gold star awarded to me. 


I’m guessing the next instinct to kick-in will be cooking and baking. Personally my fav ’cause my love for my oven is sick and twisted. This fatty boom sticks loves to bake and the plan is to stock up the freezer with ready-made meals.

Nesting. It’s like crack to a pregnant woman.

Did the nesting instinct kick-in for you? 





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