Let’s wrap up the week


  • Engagement happiness radiates in our family this week. My brother asked his super sweet and gorgeous gal to marry him.
  • How much fun are little boys? I mean, seriously. Such rough little nuggets. I got to spend some FUN time with my nephew Archie and my mum on Saturday. Riding scooters, eating, watching Ninja Turtles, eating, playing with the new puppy, eating and walking around the neighbourhood for hours looking for a playground. Priceless!
  • The Roosters won the 2013 NRL Grand Final. I missed the whole thing. My gal Alyssa kept me entertained with Home Interior magazines and Champagne.
  • Breaking Bad is one of the BEST TV dramas I have ever watched. {Besides Homeland of course}. Hubby and I are watching an episode (or two) every night.
  • Drinking Sprite after a drinking session will cure you of a hangover. According to the Chinese anyway. Researchers found that Sprite (or soda water) speeds up the body’s enzyme’s process, making your hangover disappear quicker. {I still stand by Mineral water, nurofen and HydraLite ice block}.
  • I bought myself some new kicks {runners for those not playing at home}. My new runners look like a neon rainbow threw up on them. I hope peeps don’t laugh at me when I go running.
  • The weekend forecast for Sydney this weekend – SUNSHINE! Boo-Yah!

good week? or bad week?


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