Little life changes

Routine is my friend. Change is my foe.

I’m scared of change. Actually, that’s an understatement. I’m petrified of change. Just ask my mum.

Why? Who the f*** knows! It probably has something to do with needing to be in control.

Times are changing and it’s time for this little life lover – a.k.a. ME – to take a leap of faith. I need to stop doubting myself and start believing that changing certain aspects about my life is worthwhile.

So a few weeks ago, after some much needed soul searching, I started putting together a plan. A plan to improve certain aspects of my life after an incredible silly season. You know, shake things up a bit and see where it leads me.

Wouldn’t you know it. The small changes I’ve made in recent weeks have rattled me. In a good way. Change may not be my foe after all!

My morning routine has changed. Whilst I classify myself as a morning person, I certainly don’t jump out of bed, hit the pavement with the dogs and start work by 8.00am. I figure a 9.00am starts suits me better. The extra sleep-in makes me more productive,  I get to enjoy a healthy breakfast and play with the puppy dogs longer.

My afternoon routine has changed. I try VERY hard to leave the office at 5.00pm and exercise after work. I now get changed into my sneakers and gym gear and hit the pavement after work. Walking home from the office, instead of taking the bus, allows me to clear away the work crap thoughts, listen to some David Guetta and let the feel good endorphins run through my veins.

So what’s next? I have a few projects in the pipeline. The goal is to hone in on that vision and beam it out to the world. Last week I created some vision boards {yes, I just said vision boards. Feel free to laugh at me. I did!} to help me focus, clarify my intentions and actively create the experience I want.

Little changes in routine, life, or even in perspective can make huge differences in our mood, health, and relationships. I am not sure what you are struggling with or what changes you are either dreading or not sure how to implement but I hope today you can begin moving in to make that change. Maybe it is time for a leap in to something new and wild. There is never any better moment than right now.



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