Weeks: 20 weeks

Cravings: Dumplings, Pasta, Chocolate, Pears. (Aversions: Meat and Seafood. Still!)

Drinking: Mineral water out of a champagne flute every Friday night. You can ALMOST believe their is Champagne in there.

Baby size: Banana. Approx. 16cm from head to bum or 26cm from head to heel.

Best thing about Pregnancy this week: Taking my mum to our 20 week ultrasound. Her reaction will stay with me forever and forever. Pure elation and joy at seeing her granddaughter wiggling around on the big plasma screen. My mum has been our greatest strength through all this and offered endless support during our 7 year journey to parenthood so it was special to have her in the room with us last week.


Thinking about: PRAMS! Seriously it’s doing my head in. I’m googling brands, reading reviews, looking into safety levels etc. And to be completely honest, I CANNOT BELIEVE the price of prams. Some people actually pay upwards of $1600 … that’s more expensive than my first car.

Love the look of this Silver Cross pram

Love the look of this Silver Cross pram

Feeling: Besides the epic 3 day migraine last week, I’ve been feeling FAB-U-LOSO.

What I learned this week: My thoughts revolve around food. It’s getting more difficult to get off the sofa. Social invites are starting to disappear. Mr Lover is still gobsmacked by the belly size.


The lovely ladies at FERTILE MIND sent me a gorgeous gift box last week. With great gusto, I ripped open the box and starting trying on all the maternity support garments. Their SuperSoft tights are the bomb! Perfect for winter and oh-so comfy to wear all day long. The tights sit nice and high and have plenty of stretch for expanding winter bellies. The BellyBelt means I can still wear my existing pants! Fist pump. And the Bando maternity band is great support to my tummy and layers over my jeans. Cannot recommend this Aussie brand enough!


Do you believe in Clairvoyants? I had a Skype session with a clairvoyant last week – after my 20w ultrasound – and got a couple of little freaky surprises. To retract a bit, my hairdresser recommended her to me back in March. At the time I was about to start IVF and booked a session out of sheer desperation to know if the IVF cycle would work or not. However this lady is very very very busy and the first available session was August. So anyway, my nana came through and congratulated me on my pregnancy. Nana is apparently holding my baby girl until she’s ready to join us later in the year. Then the clairvoyant told me the spirit of our little lover bub was around me as well – I was peppered with amazing info about bubba including her early delivery date, her birth, her personality and the colour of her hair. The clairvoyant also blew me away with other bits of info and I walked away from the experience feeling exhausted yet kinda happy.

After my ultrasound, mum and I hit Baby Bunting and Babies R Us stores for a peek around. {I’m still nervous about buying baby stuff – its like I’m going to jinx the pregnancy}. I found this gorgeous feeding chair and I think it’s actually the first time I REALLY WANTED to purchase something. Lucky for my credit card, the store didn’t have any chairs in stock. Ain’t she beautiful though? I can picture many a midnight feed curled up in this rocking chair.


Oh, and I purchased some more maternity jeans. This time from ASOS. That takes my maternity jean count to 4.



So tell me … Got any good suggestions for preggo exercises?

And how about Pram recommendations?





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