Weeks: 24 weeks

Cravings: Pears & Ice cream. So much ice cream has been consumed and I’m growing concerned that I may turn into a dairy queen.

Drinking: Pineapple, Orange & Apple juice most mornings. My blender is keeping me hydrated.

Baby size: Corn. Approx. 30cm from head to heel.

Best thing about Pregnancy this month: A new appreciation and respect for my body. Every time my baby girl kicks, I want to send a pray of thanks to the higher powers that watch over me and say thank you. My body is nourishing her and as my belly continues to grow and expand, I fall more and more in love with my bump.


21 weeks vs 24 weeks

Thinking about: Setting up the nursery. Pinterest is my little hub of inspiration and there are around 3752 nurseries that I’m in love with and want to replicate. {Follow my obsession here –}

Feeling: Anxious. A little stressed. Excited to purchase a few bits and pieces.

What I learned this week: Mr Lover can now feel bub kicking. Pram shopping is hard work. My hair and nails are hardly growing at all. People cannot help but reach out and touch my belly. I’m forgetting so much – baby brain is real people!


Let’s start with a big ‘ol health scare I got the other week. Hubby and I were out shopping for a bassinet when I started getting chest pains. We walked back to the car and I reclined the seat for the drive home but the pain got worse and worse. It felt like my rib cage was collapsing on top of my lungs and I was struggling to get a breath in. Over a 20 minute period, the pain in my chest got so bad that I thought I was having a heart attack. We went straight to Emergency and I was tested for a heart attack, collapsed lung, rupture, blood clot …. you name it. I was tested for it. Ten hours of testing and the Dr couldn’t give me any diagnosis. The pain relief they gave me seemed to work and I was discharged and sent home to rest.

Now I’m crapping my daks that it’ll happen again but so far, so good. No pain.

Back to bassinets … this is the one we purchased. White wash rocking cradle on wheels!


‘Nordica Cradle’ from Baby Bunting


Our besties are about to have their first bubba in a few weeks. Here are the HER & HIM gift baskets I made for the first-time parents. Filled with muslin wraps, outfits, bandana bibs, books, bath wash, toys and photo frame for mum and beer, lolly filled milk bottles, toy guns & hankies for dad.

baby shower gift basket


Finally some big big big purchases were made. I spotted this newly released Freedom Furniture ‘Skylar’ rug last week – perfect addition to the nursery. Mr Lover and I also decided on the UppaBaby Alta pram and placed an order. Comes with carry cot and car capsule and you’ll no doubt see a few pics in the coming weeks of me practising my ‘push’ with the dogs in it.

Freedom skylar rug uppababy pram

Freedom Furniture Skylar Rug & UppaBaby Alta Pram


Loads more pics have been uploaded to my Instagram account over the past 4 weeks. Check ’em out at @theloverlist.

Laters xx




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