28 weeks pregnant

Weeks: 28weeks

Cravings: Still fruit. I can’t get enough fruit. Harris Farm is making a killing from me! And I can’t walk past a bakery without entering. Anything flaky and filled with custard is getting into my guts.

Baby size: Head of a cauliflower. Approx. 41cm from head to heel.

Best thing about Pregnancy this month: My skin is clear. I win every argument because you know, I’m pregnant. It’s warmth enough to wear dresses and expose my pins again. Setting up Little Miss Lover’s room with Mr Lover and GG (my mum!).


Thinking about: Wondering who SHE is and what amazing lessons she’ll be teaching her dad and I.

Feeling: This month has been the biggest, most emotional month yet. Loads of sadness and heartbreak after losing Kim yet I’m calm. Kim, if you’re listening, I know you’re responsible for keeping me safe at the moment.

What I learned this month: Braxton Hicks are interesting. Bub loves to wake me up at 5-6am with somersaults and ninja kicks. The heart expands with even more love when you see your Hubby building cots and change tables. Peeing your pants during a coughing fit is a laughing matter. Bub is breech. Sonny and Benji (my fuzzy sons) like sleeping under the baby’s cot.


Check out the gorgeous Princess onesie one Pumpkin Patch and a FlatBear from Mr Lover’s Aunt and cousin. Unfortunately my Toy Destroyer, Benji, took a liking to Ms FlatBear and decided to de-fluff her. I had pink fluff all over my living room within 2 minutes.


My love affair with custard continues to flourish and bloom. I could live quite happily in a bakery for the next 9 weeks and sample each custard croissant or custard brioche until my guts explode.


My girlfriends and I get together every 3 months for a lunch or dinner date. I’ve nicknamed the event ‘Pink Bits Unite’ and we talk, and we drink, and we eat, and we laugh, and we swear like sailors and drink some more. Taking a sip of Champagne ain’t the same as necking a glass of bubbles.

Check out the gorgeous little Grace born two weeks ago. I already know Little Miss Lover and Gracie will be besties, who love dresses and their daddies will adore taking them to ballet classes.

The time had come to upgrade to a family car. I resisted for as long as I could, I  love my Toyota Corolla, but Mr Lover wouldn’t quit pestering me for a bigger car. My brother and Dad recently purchased the Hyundai ix35 so we decided to copy them and buy one as well. I nearly cried when the sales man removed the red bow from the hood of the car – why couldn’t I drive home with the red bow on!!


Did someone say BABY SHOWER? Pinch me. I’ve been dreaming about a baby shower for years and years and this weekend my bestie is hosting a party for Mr Lover and I. Cannot contain my excitement. Woot Woot. Stay tuned for pics or follow me on Instagram @theloverlist.




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