Weeks: 32 weeks

Cravings: Anything. Oink oink. I think it’s easier for me to list foods I want to avoid. Hubby says I eat everything put in front of my face these days.

Baby size: Celery stick. Approx. 44cm from head to heel.

Sonny can't wait to meet his sister

Sonny can’t wait to meet his sister

Best thing about Pregnancy this month: Slowing down. Giving into my food cravings. Feeling her responsive kick when I touch my belly. Buying huge Nana underwear. What? Wait?

Thinking about: Delivering earlier than anticipated. Ways to increase my iron. Ways to stop my penguin waddle.

Feeling: T-ired. All. The. Time. My energy is zapped but this could be my low iron levels.

What I learned this month: Pants are now optional. If I drop something on the floor, it stays there. Eating cupcakes can improve your mood immensely. Watching friends get drunk is quite entertaining when you’re sober. Benji (my pooch) gets stressed out by babies crying. Husbands really need a say in choosing the right nappy bag.



I always thought that me and sleep were like besties. Actually more like lovers. We’d meet in a dark room, shed our clothes, embrace one another and inhale the sweet slumber scent. We’d spend hours and hours together, nestled in the comfort of our love. It appears Sleep and I are on a break, and I didn’t get the memo. Boo hoo. Sleeping is becoming more difficult because there are only two positions – right side and left side. CUE stiff hips and dead arms. And if I do drift off to sleep, I’m having these bloody crazy vivid dreams. I wake up remembering every little detail. Or I get woken up by Mr Lover’s elbow connecting with my nose, Sonny barking at something or Benji racing outside to attack the possums.

Working from home has it’s benefits, so I now sleep whenever the mood strikes. I wish there was such a thing as a sleep bank – sleep as much as you can now, store up sleep points so you can cash in on them once bub arrives. If only.

Week 29: We attended a Caesarean and Parenting Class at the hospital with 10 other first-time parents. The midwife was so helpful and answered all of our silly billy questions without judgement. There was one couple in our class (there’s always one, right?) that asked some super ridiculous questions which made my eyeballs roll. Don’t worry, I Tsk Tsk myself and sent myself to the naughty corner for some time-out. HOWEVER, asking if the placenta can be left in so you can birth it naturally afterwards, I just couldn’t help but lift my eyeballs to the roof and down to the floor. I should also mention that during the class video, Mr Lover totally shed tears when we watched the baby take it’s first breath and start crying. Looks like my baby daddy is going to need some tissues for Little Miss’ delivery.


Benji test driving the feeding chair

Week 30: One hot mess. My emotions were fully charged and my motivation to do anything had vanished. I pretty much spent the entire week house bound, eating cupcakes (thanks JJ!) and wondering why my friend Kim had to leave this life so early, so suddenly.

Week 31: Bestie to the rescue. We went shopping and stocked up Little Miss Lover’s room with some missing bits and pieces. It was so nice to finally go shopping with someone and make OMG noises every 5 seconds when we spotted something teeny tiny and pink.

Shopping with the crazy Aunt-to-be

Shopping with the crazy Aunt-to-be

My OBGYN has put me on iron tablets. The side effects are so gross. Like really really gross. However, I’m happy to do whatever it takes to avoid an IV Iron infusion.

28 weeks vs 31 weeks

28 weeks vs 31 weeks

Week 32: Thank fook the Rugby World Cup is over. Sure, it was sad to watch Mr Lover cry his little eyes out over the Wallabies loss at 5am on Sunday morning, but this preggo lady would prefer sleep over a rugby match.

FullSizeRender 7

Thanks for reading peeps. This is my 2nd last update – can you believe it? Next update at 36 weeks will be my last. While you contemplate that, I’ll go eat my 3rd breakfast for today which will no doubt be an orange.

Got any sleep tricks you want to share with desperate Mothers?




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