Weeks: 36 weeks

Cravings: Everything and Anything. I seriously can’t stop eating. My brain is constantly thinking about my next snack and how good it’s going to be.

Benji. Current baby of the fam bam.

Benji. Current baby of the fam bam.

Baby size: Rockmelon. Approx. 52cm from head to heel. 2.7kg.

Best thing about Pregnancy this month: I am so grateful and thankful to be pregnant, HOWEVER, I’m very much looking forward to dropping this big load and meeting our girl now.

Thinking about: Food. Symphysis Pubis pain. Food. Packing my hospital bag. Food. How good it would feel to sleep on my stomach again. Food.

My stash

My stash

Feeling: I thought my anxiety and fears would be sky high around this time, but I’m actually feeling excited. My c-section plan is in place and I feel calm and absolutely READY to give birth.

What I learned this month: I can no longer eat dinner on the couch. Don’t stand too close to the gas stovetop. Don’t fight the urge to pee. Squeezing your nipple results in droplets. Thongs are suitable attire. Oscillating fans are saving me from sweaty meltdowns. My stomach is a magnet to be touched. My little girl loves a 3am dance party like her mama! Heartburn is a bitch I want to punch in the boob. 



The last 6 months have been a big learning curve for me. I’ve really tried to nurture my creative side while still creating elbows and fingernails for my baby. It’s a balancing act and some days were hard to work when a pregnancy migraine hit hard or a wave of exhaustion floored me.

With mamahood fast approaching, I still wanted to give my clients the very best creative experience. The cells in my body burst alive when I see a project get injected with creative energy and take flight. So with that in mind, it excites me to think I’ll be stretched and transformed when I return to work next year – working along side bub and delivering my creative collaborations to my empowering clients.

Work has wrapped up now and I get a week off to pop my feet up and relax. Just kidding. Now I need to tackle my to-do list so my household continues to run smoothly once bub arrives.

32 weeks vs 36 weeks

32 weeks vs 36 weeks


My credit card statement tells me I’m prepared for Christmas this year already. Sometimes my type-A personality has it’s benefits. Gifts are already purchased, I just need to pop up a Christmas tree for the dogs to pee on, wrap the gifts and consider what I’m first festive alcoholic beverage will be.

Santa (aka my credit card) bought me an early xmas gift

Santa (aka my credit card) bought me an early xmas gift


The last two weeks of this pregnancy is no joke. Everything aches. I feel lucky that I get to drop this bundle next week while my poor sister in law (due a week later) still has a month to go!

You know the end is nearing when you can no longer get into the car normally because you’re so big. When you can’t buckle up your sandals. When you can no longer get inside the tupperware cupboard. When you can no longer unstack the bottom rack of the dishwasher without getting on your knees. When none of your clothes fit you and it’s 40 degrees outside. When you pee your pants and shrug it off.

It’s all real and it’s painful at times.

BUT, come on. You KNOW I wouldn’t have it any other way. Carrying and nurturing this baby girl has been the highlight of my life. A dream come true and a pleasure to share with you so thank you for skipping along with me the past 24 weeks.

PS – keep an eye out next week for some pics of my recent maternity shoot with the gorgeous Sophie from Sophie Granger Photography.




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