A little note about perfection and inspiration


Welcome to your Friday delivery of inspiration. Just had an urge to type the words floating around in my head and who better to share it with than you lot! 

Do you ever shrink down when you see someone living an amazing life? Catch yourself wishing for something similar? Maybe you think they live a perfect life? 

The quest for perfection does not exist.

I repeat. DOES NOT EXIST. 

It’s BS. 

Who says you have to be perfect to live a kick-ass life? Think about the people who inspire you. Supermodels? Athletes? Philanthropist? Writers? Your GYNO? All are wonderfully flawed weirdos who created something out of their ordinary lives. They aren’t saints and yet they inspire certain aspects of ourselves. 

The women who inspire me are not supermodels or celebrities.

. The women who have a vision, have the courage, have the tenacity to try something new that may perhaps improve they’re lives. 

And the ‘thing’ that kills me is, these women aren’t doing it to inspire others. They are trying something new to inspire themselves. My idols are the women who are far too busy to notice the inspirational tornado they are creating around themselves.


When we acknowledge someone’s failures and flaws, we instantly relate to it. We’re human after all and our limitations are set by us and no one else. The resistance and procrastination that you feel day to day … yep, there all set by you! You can make excuses but the reality is we set our own limitations.

Maybe today is the day to stop making excuses and start acknowledging we can be our OWN inspirational idol.


Go on! Live THAT life and get messy. Live with purpose and intention. You never know who you might inspire along the way. 



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