Maternity Shoot pics

When a fabulous photographer friend offers to take some pics of your bump, it takes approx. 0.0351 seconds to jump up and scream ‘YES PLEASE YOU WONDERFUL CREATURE‘.

Mr Lover and I got together with our friend Sophie from Sophie Granger Photography one morning in early November and I got to pose and smile while Soph snapped some amazing sunrise pics of my 33 week bump. As the sun came up over Balmoral Beach, Sydney, Sophie had me feeling like a goddess. The experience was such a buzz and I’m eternally grateful for the gift, opportunity and most of all these amazing snapshots that Sophie captured for me to remember this bumplicious time in my life.






End note: Sophie Granger offered to do this maternity shoot for free after following our 7 year journey through fertility hell. I cannot begin to tell you how much her generosity rocks my socks. If anyone is ever in need of a Sydney based photography, specialising in wedding, maternity and corporate events, Soph is your gal. Her spunk, creativity, relaxed vibe and wicked humour will make any shoot a fucking fabulous experience to remember! 


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