MOJO. Where are you?

slow down

Last week I needed to switch off and unplug. Take a step back. Digress. Internalise.

Why? I’m not sure. I actually can’t put my finger on it.

So I’m going to call it intuition. My gut was telling me to take a breather because let’s face it, sometimes life just gets fucking noisy. My creativity decided to pack up and abandon me. The butterflies I normally feel about life had headed south. A sense of overwhelming ‘blah’ took up residency.

Life, for a brief moment, was uninteresting.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working hard on new projects – expanding my mind, expanding my skills, expanding this very blog – and I’m now beginning to think it’s zapped my mojo. I’m empty.

But for the minute, I think I just really needed to write about this crazy uncalm feeling so I could jump ….. and get over it!

So there you have it. My mid week brain dump! Do you ever get like that? A feeling of uncalm? A case of the blahs?



  • Spot on! I have totally felt like this the past few weeks. Life has thrown some crazy stuff my way lately and i feel so unsettled but it’s all good and i am working my way out of that uncalm blah stage…Hope you have a great week ahead x Bec from BEBH group 😉

  • Sarah says:

    Hi Brooke, Oh i so feel the same! Working full time, studying and now doing the blog hearted course (which is freaking awesome!)- some nights i feel strung out to the max. I love how you used ‘uncalm’ to describe it. It fits perfectly. So does ‘blah’. Im not sure if your into mediation (I’m going to your about page to find out more about you next :))- I just recently started trying it, and i find it helps hugely with reconnecting to yourself. Last night i just sat for 10 minutes listening to calming music and felt much more grounded and calm when i got into bed that night. Thanks for the post!
    Sarah (BEBH Babe)

  • Thanks for this post Brooke, I am working full time, studying and doing the amazing BEBH course too (isn’t it freaking fantastic?!) and some days i just feel strung out! I love how you used ‘uncalm’ to describe it – totally sums it up! Im not sure if you are into mediation (I’m and heading over to your about page next to find out more about your wonderful self), but i have recently started giving it a go and am finding it really helps. Last night after just 10 minutes i felt so much more relaxed, calm and grounded. Good luck finding that mojo, I’m sure it will be back soon!

  • cath says:

    You have articulated exactly how I have been feeling! My sense of excitement and zest for life, has definitely abandoned me over the last few weeks. Just a sense of feeling flat. I have been trying to focus on the little things, remembering what I have to be grateful for. It will pass xx

  • Ingrid says:

    Definitely. As soon as my body tells me to switch off, I do. I don’t even feel guilty because I know that when I’m plugged back in again, I’ll be much more productive:)

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