Movin’ Your Body

Remember that old song by C&C Music Factory – Everybody Dance Now?  ‘Im gonna make you sweat til you bleed

Pretty sure it was the 2nd cassette tape I ever bought! I loved that song. Still do. It’s music genius.

I’ve shaked my booty in nightclubs all across Sydney. I’ve attended music festivals. I use to take dance classes at the Sydney Dance Company for a bit of cardio and fun. And I still think dancing is my fav way to work up a sweat.

This is a sponsored post for Rexona

Movin’ your body and working up a sweat – and being committed to it – makes us better humans. Some of us exercise as an escape and others find pure joy out of it. If you exercise from a place of self-love, it feels radical & revolutionary. Energy shifts, floodgates are opened and you’re left with a blissed out feeling, red face and a powerful force of gorgeous endorphins rushing through your body.

Your body becomes a chamber of grounded focus. More of that please!

We all have different views on exercise. Mr Lover and I have VERY different ideas when it comes to exercise. He visits the gym 3-4 times a week, plays Oztag, Touch Footy and recently retired from playing rugby union at the age of 36. He’s just taken up paddle boarding and occasionally plays cricket. He loves to move fast and sweat hard. My type of exercise is the complete opposite. I prefer more gentle and solo exercise; like walking & yoga.

Trying to find an exercise that suits me was hard work. You gotta treat exercise as an adventure and get creative on ways to enjoy your sacred ‘movin my body’ time. The aim is to make it fun and joyful. Sure, life is always going to have it’s daily demands but finding an exercise practise that lights us up is like striking gold.

If you read my post earlier this week, you’ll know that I’m going to join a Fun Run later in the year. I’ve NEVER been a runner before but I’m challenging myself to give it a go. My plan is to strap on my sneakers, plug in my music and go running every 2nd day. I’m starting off with a 3km route and at present I’m running approx. 1km and walking the rest. Oh stamina, why do you take so long to build up? 

To keep me accountable to achieving my intention of joining the fun run, I’ve signed up to the Rexona I WILL DO campaign.

The I WILL DO campaign is aimed to help Australians achieve their fitness goals through the help of AIS and Rexona ambassadors. The website is jam-packed full of AIS advice and provides that additional hit of motivation you need to complete that extra rep at the gym or push yourself harder. Once you sign-up and declare your fitness goal, you’ll receive helpful emails from Adam Goodes and expert insights from the AIS to keep you on track to achieving your fitness goal.

This is where YOU come into it.

Keep me accountable. Follow me on social media @theloverlist and #iwilldotheloverlist. [No sex jokes, please!]. Better yet, jump on board and JOIN ME. Sign-up to the campaign and let’s support one another this  year – just search for theloverlist under the FRIENDS tab.

Before I offer you a peace out salute, here is a little music clip to get your body movin’.


For more information and to view the AIS sweat facts and advice, visit the Rexona I WILL DO

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