My dream home pinboard

Hubby and I sold our home late last year and due to the quick sale we were forced to rent for 12 months. We absolutely love the current house we are living in (on Sydney’s lower north shore) and given the opportunity would certainly consider purchasing it.

The house is over 100 years old and has amazing bones. It would be a dream come true to renovate and bring back to life some of the original features.

And guess what, that moment has arrived. The owners are thinking about selling the house …… unbelievable right? Wrong! Hubby just recently started his own business so we’re not in a position to buy the house just now. Boo!

So begins the waiting game. Will the owners extend a lease to us? Or will we be moving again?

All this makes me think about my dream house. So many of these ideas featured below can easily be created in the house I live in now.

Here is a sneak peek into my dream home pin board.

What’s on your dream home pin board?

Sunken hot tub?

Butler and maid?

Carrie Bradshaw walk-in robe?

10 car garage?

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