This mumma-to-be has loads of questions surrounding all things baby related. This baby stuff is seriously overwhelming at times and I have NO CLUE what I need, what I don’t need.

Mr Lover and I walked into Baby Bunting recently and looked at one another and just laughed. The sales lady looked at us weirdly and asked us what we needed assistance with. Hubby’s response was ‘baby stuff’.


I don’t know how many nappies I need. If a baby monitor is worth it. Whether I need a manual or auto breast pump. Most of the things I’ve accumulated so far have been hand-me-downs. Our friends and family have been so kind and generous with donations as we try and pay off our last IVF cycle. We’ve been given a Boori change table and cot, ErgoBaby carrier, loads of 00000-000 baby girl clothes, maternity clothes and more. Not to mention the gorgeous gifts that keep finding their way into my arms (and heart). This little heart bursts with gratitude at the thoughtfulness of our loved one’s.

The other stuff I still need? It would appear I am completely useless.

But you, YES YOU, are not useless. I bet some of you even have babies and are in the KNOW about what ‘stuff’ I need.

Don’t make me beg for your knowledge. Help a sister out and tell me what I still need.


Bugaboo’s appear to be ruling the urban streets of my suburb and that’s the exact reason I won’t buy one. Conformity? No thanks. This chicky-babe wants something a little more unique so I’ve purchased the UppaBaby Alta pram. Is the bassinet/carrycot attachment and car capsule attachment worth the extra dollars? Are there any other accessories that you can’t live without on your pram?


Our pram is compatible with Peg Perego capsule. Did you find any benefits clicking a capsule into your pram? Or is it waste of money?


Did you use a bassinet? Was the bassinet in your room or in the nursery? How long did you leave your bub in the bassinet before moving it into a cot?


What essential things do I need in the change table? Someone mentioned a baby wipe warmer and my jaw hit the floor. A wipe warmer exists??? Also, where can I get a funky change mat cover?


Muslin wraps or zipped up wing suits? What’s better?


We’ve been given an ErgoBaby carrier but I also love the idea of using a cloth wrap during summer. Any recommendations?


How many newborn nappy boxes will I need? Yes, I said boxes because there is no way in the world I have the patience for disposable nappies.


Yay or Nay?


My plan is to breast feed but I’d also like to pump so Hubby can do a  few feeds. Can brand recommendations?



Feel free to hit me with anything else that you felt was essential to surviving the early days of motherhood.

I’ll be forever grateful. Leave me a comment xx



  • suzy says:

    I totally sympathise – those baby shops are mental and I felt like a total fraud in them when pregnant with my first.

    I reckon all you actually need is a cot, a change table and a pram. Everything else is optional, and you can just pick it up as you need it – the joys of living in a city and online shopping mean you can get it the same or next day, and that’s better than buying stuff “just in case” and having it sit around if it ends up not working for you or your baby.

    A bouncy chair is useful (I liked the low tech ones like the Baby Bjorn that don’t have music or flashing lights) and some kind of carrier (I tried a few but found the Ergo best, you can use it up til the baby is 2 – but if you can, wait until your baby’s born and then try out a friend’s, because some babies have violent dislikes to particular carriers and it might not be comfortable or a good fit for you), and I liked having a little moses basket for the babies to sleep in our room for the first couple of months. A monitor is useful if you have pets as you might want to shut the door of the room the baby’s in when they’re napping.

    If you get a pump, get an electric ones – the hand ones are crazy making – but again, you can wait til the baby arrives – and if you end up needing to pump seriously for a newborn b/c of any latch issues the industrial ones that you can rent from the ABA or chemists are the best anyway.

    Good luck! Such an exciting time.

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