New business: Design + Copywriting on offer at The Lover Lab


Heart fuelled. Passion powered. Dreams chaser. 

It’s. Pure. Adrenalin. 

I wanna drop a F-Bomb but I’ll squeal instead

Last Friday, I pulled on my big lady knickers {so un-sexy} and decided it was time to just launch my baby – my design and copywriting business – into the world.

The Lover Lab is born

lover_lab_logo copy

My Design Lab will offer a range of services to small businesses, bloggers and entrepreneurs including logos, media kits, campaigns, eBooks, web design, business cards, WordPress set-up and design. My copywriting services range from sales pages, press releases, blog posts, brochures and a bunch more. 

The Lover Lab is where connection meets chemistry. My mission is to inject personality and mojo into a brand’s business so they can connect to their target market and shine bright {like a diamond}.

My home office is full to the brim with sparkles, glitter and kick-ass attitude to launch any project off the ground. 

So gorgeous readers … I’m now open and ready to work. Please keep The Lover Lab in mind for any design or writing projects. Better yet, grab a loud speaker and tell all your friends and family about it. My virtual office doors are open and I’m ready to turn on the creative juices. 




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