Nursery rhymes

My favourite nephew, Archie, is turning 3 next week. And by favourite I mean he’s my only nephew so of course he’s my favorite. The boy is a lover of Thomas the Tank, flat caps and the colour blue.

Before Archie was brought home from the hospital, his mum and dad designed and decorated a beautiful nursery for him, decked out in blue and brown hues. The design and decor are a perfect fit for Archie’s personality – he’s a boy’s boy!

Whilst I’m yet to create my own little tribe, I’ve totally daydreamed about how I’d decorate my nursery; what colours I’d choose, the layout, the nursing chair, the lighting.

Maybe it’s time to hit the sack so I can start designing my own nursery. Wink wink nudge nudge!

So uber chic!

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