Weeks: 32 weeks Cravings: Anything. Oink oink. I think it’s easier for me to list foods I want to avoid. Hubby says I eat everything put in front of my face these days. Baby size: Celery stick. Approx. 44cm from…

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Is this what they call ‘Nesting’?

Nesting. The uncontrollable urge to organise your home, clean the house and prepare a nest for the new baby. It’s hit me. Hit me hard. My whole world is organised to within a inch of it’s life. Furniture has been…

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Snippets from my Baby Shower

Most woman dream about their baby shower from a young age. Cupcakes. Balloons. Pretty Flowers. Blush pink everywhere. Fat chick in a chair eating everything. My bestie, Jess, is the beez kneez. Jess was busting to plan and host an…

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28 weeks pregnant


Weeks: 28weeks Cravings: Still fruit. I can’t get enough fruit. Harris Farm is making a killing from me! And I can’t walk past a bakery without entering. Anything flaky and filled with custard is getting into my guts. Baby size:…

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Rest in Peace Kim

I will never forget the first time I met Kim in person. We met at a hotel near Central Station in Sydney and her laughter was cheeky and infectious. I instantly liked her and our souls connected. It felt like…

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This mumma-to-be has loads of questions surrounding all things baby related. This baby stuff is seriously overwhelming at times and I have NO CLUE what I need, what I don’t need. Mr Lover and I walked into Baby Bunting recently…

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Weeks: 24 weeks Cravings: Pears & Ice cream. So much ice cream has been consumed and I’m growing concerned that I may turn into a dairy queen. Drinking: Pineapple, Orange & Apple juice most mornings. My blender is keeping me hydrated….

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7 rules to rock your life

1. Make peace with your past so it won’t disturb your present. You are not your trauma. You are not your divorce. You are not your abuse. Past experiences do not define you. In essence you define you. Every thought,…

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The sting of rejection

The Sting of Rejection

Rejection has often been compared to the stages of grief. There’s the Anger stage, quickly followed by Denial before Heartbreak and Loneliness arrive. Then Depression and Blame turn up like a tornado and decide to drop anchor right on top…

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