I did it! I made an outdoor wooden pallet bar!


A few weeks back, I found a photo on Pinterest of a wooden pallet bar. My mind immediately went into overdrive with ideas. 

“Perfect narrow size for our yard”

“Shelf for herbs and plants”

“Table for food and cocktails when hosting a summer BBQ”

“Outdoor bar for the guys when the BBQ is heating up”

I set Mr Lover the challenge to find me some old pallets to recycle. I guess it wasn’t really a challenge because wooden pallets are everywhere. Most job sites have a few lying around, Bunnings hardware, my local supermarket had some near the delivery dock and even PetBarn had a few near their skip bins.

The winter sunshine in Sydney has been glorious this week, so yesterday I grabbed some Rust-Oleum spray paint ($10.95) in Key Lime and went to work spraying the wood. 


I choose spray paint because I couldn’t reach certain areas with a paint brush. Rust-Oleum is great – it’s a primer and paint in one – three coats later and she was done. It’s a faded/washy look and the whole things took an hour! 

I headed to Bunnings to grab some pavers to pop on top ($3.00 each) and placed the pallets and pavers in her new spot. Sonny and Benji were fabulous site managers and slept in the sun most of the hour.

The outdoor wooden pallet bar cost:

* 2 x wooden pallets = FREE

* 1 x Rust-Oleum spray can = $10.95

* 4 x pavers = $12.00

TOTAL COST = $22.95


The jury is out on the yellow/key lime colour. Maybe it’ll grow on me but if it doesn’t, I know that I can grab another spray can and re-paint it in a jiffy.

So TELL me your thoughts? Yay or Nay? Who wants to pop over and drink some champagne with me? 

PS – How gorgeous is the purple pot plant holder!!! A steal at $9.95 from Bunnings. 



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