The Power of Intention and Red Wine


So my first week of unemployment was not what I expected. My intention was to take the dogs for extra long walks, takeaway coffees, movie marathons, cleaning the house from top to bottom, filing hubby’s paperwork, lunch dates with friends, afternoon siestas and to enjoy a glass of red wine with dinner.

Instead, it mostly involved me sitting at a computer. Working.

And I’m OK with that.

I think my vision is becoming clearer. I now have a better understanding about what motivates me and drives my passion. And that is exactly what I needed.

I needed some clarity. 

So, the movie marathons can wait. My desire for a break can wait. I’m focused and ready to crack open a brand new vision. A brand new business. (I still need to find a part-time job to pay the rent but baby steps and stuff first).

Whilst I’d normally be setting specific intentions about my vision, I’m still letting it brew. For the minute, I just want to enjoy the feeling and butterflies. The joy and thrill when something starts to form and take shape. It’s an adventure and it’s currently making me tingle from head to toe.

My first few design projects have delivered the biggest energy shift and to see those clients go forth and recommend me to other people just floors me. I’ve created everything from logos to art prints to opt-in’s to media kits to web headers to newsletter templates. The list goes on and on.

I’M ON MY PATH and damn that feels fucking good! 


So, what’s the point of all this? 

Simply put, intention is the power key.

Once you declare what it is that you want, the intention is born. The movement and energy will then start to spin and swirl and drive you forward. Before you know it, a path is laid out for you to walk down. Sometimes it takes years, but in my case, it’s a matter of months.

My intention was to leave behind my corporate job and follow my true passion for creativity, design and writing. It may be a tad reckless and I’m so frightened of failing, but the exhilarating feeling it gives me will drive me forward. 



Does anyone else like big bold declarations? Are you seeking an adventure as well? 

Share it with me! Leave me a list of your intentions. 




  • Belinda Lee Milne says:

    Life is short Brooke and sometimes we have to be brave and take the next step and that could be to leave the corporate world and do what we love. I take my hat off to you for being game and taking the risks that come with it. xxx

  • It’s a scary yet exhilarating thing. I took the biggest gulps of air when I wrote my resignation. I’m a control freak & not having steady employment to fall back scared the shit out of me. But I am bloody certain it’s right, I know it in my gut it is. I started my own biz last Aug, for me it’s slow & everything seems to cost money but I’m finding my path & I know I’m on the right one even if it’s not has quick as I wish it to be. But I have 3 words that keep me focused, Karma, Reason, Purpose – it’s my mantra to life & it’s gotten me this far! Onwards & upwards… and Cheers!

  • Awesome! Good luck with everything! I did freelance Web & Graphic Design for 3 years in a row and I loved it! Then I had a little hiccup in my personal life, that made me want to get out of the house and by pure luck I was given a full time job at a big company doing the same thing web & graphic design (I didn’t need the job or was looking for it) but it stood in front of me and it was either hell at home or work so I went with work (hope that made some sense)… But now that I read this post, and now that my life has taken a toll and a different direction meaning its finally PEACEFUL it reminds me of how exiting and fun working from home could be, it keeps you in your toes and active all the time… although some times I got to admit, I would be in my pj’s aaaallllll day loooong… LOL Good luck lovely!

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