I Quit My Job


Last week I did something bat shit crazy.

I quit my job.

After 16 years of working my butt off in the Travel Industry, I’m taking a leap and giving it all up. I’m prepared to wave goodbye to the wonderful travel perks and have a crack at something new. Something that I’ll hopefully love.

“Do what you love because you’ll become great at it. The money will follow and your life will be become much happier.”

Why? This post from February keeps nagging at me. My desire to get creative just won’t quit and I want to love what I do, not despise it. 

To do what, you ask? I have no fucking idea. I have no job lined up yet.

Like I said. Bat. Shit. Crazy.

I’m filled with fear and self-doubt but I’m also riddled with joy, motivation and exhilaration. Every time I allow myself to think about the next 6 months, I pee my pants and squeal a little. The world is about to become my oyster. I can choose to work in any industry I want. I can work part-time. I can freelance. I can get creative and help people with their websites & businesses.

And…… I can walk dogs to make ends meet, right? 



Sharing is caring

Whilst I’m searching for my next big break, I wanted to have a crack at turning this blog into a little business – it is, after all, my pride and joy.

So, I need your help. It makes me squirm to ask for help but I need to swallow my pride and just ask away.

My plan over the next 6 months is to build up The Lover List society with more lovers. We need more sassy seeking babes, right? So if you love visiting the site or get a kick out of reading my extremely witty posts, please invite others in. Let’s throw open the doors to The Lover List and welcome a few more babes into this crazy (and sometimes tipsy) space of the internet.

Sharing is as easy as (delicious) pie

  • Copy and paste my web link – www.theloverlist.com – onto your social media pages and invite others to join in.
  • Jump onto Facebook and invite others to ‘like’ The Lover List page.
  • Encourage your girlfriends to sign up and receive my posts via email or receive a monthly love letter.



Interested in advertising?

Let’s work together. I have some advertising space available on the site (affordable rates for side bar ads, banners, feature posts etc) so if your business, brand or blog aligns with my readers, shoot me an email. Let’s chat! My media kit and advertising rates are ready to jump into your inbox. 



And now… I’d LOVE to hear from you in the comments below with an answer to this:

Have you ever quit your job with no back-up plan? How did you feel? Share away below.

Like I mentioned above – DO WHAT YOU LOVE BECAUSE YOU’LL BECOME GREAT AT IT – it just illuminates what’s achievable. Life is short. Take a leap of faith. The net will most certainly appear to catch you. Feel the fear and do it.

Thank you for being here!




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